Have a very Merry Netflix Christmas!

It is Christmas time and with Christmas trees on the way, with Santa Claus traveling the world and with billions of dollars used on Christmas presents, we all know that Christmas is approaching. But, how can you have a very merry Netflix Christmas? This is the way!

If you want to want to have a very merry Netflix Christmas then the most important is that you have a VPN subscription or a SmartDNS subscripription. This is very important, because as you probably know already, no Netflix region is perfect, and there are lots of films available in one Netflix region, which can not be seen in other Netflix regions. That is why you need a Netflix subscription, but you will also need a VPN subscription, because that is when all regions are unlocked to you, and you can start watching all films at once.

Which VPN subscription to choose? We would recommend either HideMyAss, PureVPN or Unlocator (if you want a SmartDNS subscription).

But, what should you watch on Netflix?

There are lots of films and suggestions to come with, but the most important in 2015 is to watch A very Murray Christmas, a Netflix Christmas production with great music, lots of humor and more. Then there are lots of other Christmas films on Netflix as well, and you can read about them in this article or see them presented in the following YouTube video.

Among the most popular films are Love Actually which you can watch on Netflix in Finland and in the United States, but there are of course more classic films and more modern films, making sure that everyone will find a Christmas film to enjoy online.

And, if you wonder what kind of Christmas present you should give to someone this year, then you could consider either buying them a Netflix subscription, or if they already have one, then buy a one year VPN subscription. They will for sure not understand what it is useful for at first, but once you explain them how they can use this to jump between Netflix regions they will for sure be very grateful to you.

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