How to search with Google while using Ecosia?

Would you like to use Ecosia as your default search engine, but you get crazy getting all those Bing search results? Are you considering leaving Ecosia simply to return to Google and their great search results? There is no need to give up on Ecosia just yet!

After searching with Google for a while, it can get very strange to search with Ecosia. If you didn’t know, they use the Bing search results by default, and that is why you will see very different results searching with Ecosia compared to Google. For example, in Google, you will often find answers without actually visiting the sites showing up in the search results. In a way, Google answers the questions you ask before you visit any given site. That doesn’t happen when you use Bing.

It is also so that Bing is not at all as good as Google when it comes to local results, meaning searches in other languages. So, what should you do if you really want to use Ecosia, to plant trees, but not feel like searching with Bing?

An easy way to combine Ecosia searching with Google

Luckily, it is very easy to change this, making sure that you can plant trees with Ecosia while getting your search results in Google. All you have to do is to add the #g string at the end of your search requests in Ecosia. Take a look at the picture beneath to see what it looks like in real life.

If you place a #g at the end of your search request in Ecosia, the search request will be sent to Google and not Bing.
If you place a #g at the end of your search request in Ecosia, the search request will be sent to Google and not Bing.

If you search just like I did on the picture above, you will not be given the search results in Bing, but instead, you will get the Google results. And yes, that is for sure a better solution to many of us.

However, if you like the IP Address Guide and our articles, you might actually notice that we often have a better ranking in Bing than on Google, so you are less likely of finding our articles if you search using Google, but still – we all know that Google is a better search engine than Bing. But, I guess Ecosia gets a better ad income from Bing, meaning that they make more money in that way, and more trees are planted as we do our searches!

Simply add #G to your search inquiry

The conclusion is… add #g to your search inquiry, and you can keep on getting your search results from Google while supporting Ecosia at the same time. If you want to make money at the same time, read more about this method, but after all, the most important here is the environment and planting trees as you search the web.

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