Three ways to watch Suits online

Suits is coming to an end with its ninth season. Are you looking for a way to stream all nine seasons of Suits online? Are you looking for a way only to stream the final season of Suits online? Here we have three methods that will help you stream Suits!

Suits fans all across the world is looking forward to the final season of Suits online. I have got to say that I look forward to the final season as well. I got addicted to Suits after watching the first 15 minutes of the first episode of season 1, the part in which Harvey decides that he wants to hire Mike Ross as the new lawyer of the company. Of course, the fact that Mike Ross is almost a criminal and he has no education causes trouble, but not enough for him to miss out on the job. And since this all took place in Suits season 1, a lot of stuff has happened. The company has changed names a couple of times, Mike and Rachel got together, Mike left the show, but he will return for the last and the final season.

But, I will not tell you more about Suits currently, except for how and where you can watch Suits online.

Can I stream Suits online at the USA Network website?
Can I stream Suits online at the USA Network website?

Three ways to watch Suits online

The best way to watch Suits online – Netflix

If you want to stream all nine seasons of Suits online, the best solution is Netflix. Maybe you don’t like the streaming giant, or maybe you love Netflix – it doesn’t matter. Here you can stream all nine seasons of Suits easily and there is no mess with this. You will not find the final season of Suits in most Netflix regions, but if you read my article on how to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix as well, you should be able to stream all nine seasons of Suits easily on Netflix. If you want to see this in a video with real instructions and images showing you how it is done, check this YouTube video.

A way to watch Suits season 8 and 9 online – Hulu Live TV

This is a much more expensive version, and it will only give you access to the eight and the ninth season of the show. Hulu Live TV is brilliant if you are up to date and only want to watch the newest episodes. In fact, you can watch the Suits episodes live on USA Network if you own a Hulu Live TV subscription. This might not be good for those who still have lots of Suits seasons left, but if you are a hardcore fan who cannot wait one minute more for the newest episodes of Suits, this is a brilliant option. You can read more about how you can watch Hulu abroad right here.

The Amazon way of streaming – Amazon Prime

If you own an Amazon Prime subscription in the United States, you are currently able to stream the first eight episodes of Suits on Amazon Prime. This is quite good, but once you are finished with the first eight seasons, you will probably have to wait almost a year for the final season to arrive. However, since many people actually own a Prime subscription, this can come in handy when you want to stream Suits online. Do you want to know how to watch Suits on Prime abroad? It is very easy. I have written detailed instructions on how to watch Amazon Prime abroad and you can find them here.

The USA Network way of streaming – USA Network

Even though USA Network is the producer of Suits, they have not created the best place to stream the series online. Currently, you can stream Suits season 8 on the website of USA Network, and the new episodes will also be made available there from the final season. But, you need to have a TV subscription including USA Network for this to work, making it very complicated. If you own a Hulu Live TV subscription or a FuboTV subscription, you can use these subscriptions to watch the newest Suits episodes at the USA Network website. But, if you have such a subscription, you can also stream the newest episodes at the FuboTV website or at the Hulu website itself.

A clip from Suits season 8 on Hulu
A clip from Suits season 8 on Hulu

Are you ready to stream Suits online?

These were some ways in which you can stream Suits online. I hope these instructions have helped you. Once again, Netflix is by far the best option if you want to watch Suits, but there are some other options available for you as well.

If you have further comments or questions, write them in the comment field. I would love to hear from you!

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