How to send AVAX from Binance/Kucoin and other exchanges when C-Chain withdrawals are paused?

Have you bought some AVAX tokens on Binance or Kucoin on some other exchange? Would you like to send them to your MetaMask wallet or TrustWallet or some other wallet and then do transactions on the Avalanche blockchains with your tokens? But, maybe you have noticed that both Binance and Kucoin are experts at suspending AVAX withdrawals on their C-Chain, especially in times with high volatility in market prices. Is there something you can do to fix this problem? It might be!

Avalanche is one of my favorite blockchains and I am doing more and more transactions there. In fact, I do way more transactions on Avalanche than on Ethereum, simply because I cannot bear the gas fees on Ethereum, which causes me to not really do transactions there at all. But, on Avalanche you can just go ahead and do transactions all the time because they are almost free and super fast. That makes it ideal for cool projects such as Wonderland, Penguin Finance, SnowBank, and lots of others running on their blockchain.

But, how can you get your AVAX tokens from Binance or Kucoin (or some other exchange) to your wallet on the C-Chain if withdrawals are suspended on the exchange you are using? Here I will show you a method that normally will get the job done!

Move AVAX from Binance and Kucoin to your Avalanche wallet, even when withdrawals are suspended

The important thing you need to find out before you move on is whether or not withdrawals on the X-Chain of Avalanche are possible. They are normally available, so this is an option I have used several times. Are you ready? This is how it can be done!

  • Go to
  • Create a brand new Avalanche wallet. Make sure to take care of your recovery keys, passwords and more!
  • Log in to your wallet. You will see a page looking something like this.
x-chain wallet avalanche

If you take a closer look at the picture above, you can see three arrows. The first arrow points to an X (and it is selected on the image). That is my X-Chain wallet on Avalanche. If I click the P or the C, I will see the P-Chain address or the X-Chain address instead. But, in this case, choose your X-Chain address, copy it, and paste it into the withdrawal address field on Kucoin or Binance.

You should now be able to withdraw your Avax from Binance, Kucoin, or any other exchange supporting the Avalanche X-Chain. But, just to make sure that everything is okay, send a tiny transfer first of 0,1 AVAX or something like that to make sure that everything works properly.

  • When the funds have arrived, select the Cross Chain option from the menu within your Avax wallet.
  • Now you have to swap your tokens from the X-Chain to the C-Chain. When this is ready, click confirm and you will have your Avax tokens ready on the X-Chain in a second.
move funds from the avalanche x-chain to c-chain

Above you can see the exact places you have to click and what you have to select in order for this to happen and succeed.

  • Your Avax tokens are now on the C-Chain. Click the Send button in the menu.
  • Now make sure to set the C-Chain as the source chain. Set the amount of tokens you want to transfer, and copy your Avalanche address (to which you want to send the tokens) into the address field. When you are ready click confirm, and the tokens will be sent to your destination address immediately.
send tokens to c-chain address avalanche

That’s it. You are now ready to use your preferred wallet and transact on the Avalanche blockchain, even though withdrawals of Avax on the C-chain are suspended by Kucoin, Binance, or any other exchange.

I hope you have found these instructions useful and helpful. If you have any further comments or questions, please use the comment field below and I will do my best to help you and to answer!

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