Earn passive income with Cryptopuffies (NFTs)… Easy, neat, cute, and cool!

We are entirely in love with the thought of generating passive income. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning knowing that you have earned money/crypto while snoring, or to pay for groceries at the store, knowing that during the time you walked around the store, you earned the money passively that you will Read More

Kassandra DAO to launch on Avalanche, but first, IDO on PenguinFinance!

There are just so many new projects launching regularly that it is hard to keep pace. There are also a lot of forks and bad projects launching, meaning that actually finding a gem can be very hard. But, with the release of Kassandra DAO, we believe that the Avalanche blockchain is about to get inhabited Read More

BinaryCat launchpad coming to PenguinFinance – Is it worth joining?

The crypto-space is in love with launchpad projects. Binance is running launchpad projects regularly and they have seen several times that more than 200,000 accounts have joined in such sales. Avalaunch is doing regular launches on the Avalanche blockchain, but they have a KYC requirement, making it unattractive to many users. And then you have Read More

I have been a part of a PenguinFinance IDO for the first time (BOOFI – BooFinance) – Was it worth it?

I have written about PenguinFinance before in the IP Address Guide, for example in my article on how to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. But, I have just had the chance to take part in my first IDO on PenguinFinance in which 20% of the total supply of BOOFI tokens was sold to those who Read More

BooFinance will be launched on PenguinFinance – Is it worth joining?

Have you ever been a part of so-called ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) or an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) or something like that? Binance has done this several times and by staking your BNB tokens, you can get a ticket to join the token offering. With Binance, we have often seen that the tokens are sold Read More