How to watch Italian Netflix in the US?

Would you like to watch Italian Netflix in the US, or maybe you want to watch Italian Netflix in the UK? How can it be done? Is it even possible? This article will tell you how to access Italian Netflix abroad, not only in the USA and in the UK, but all across the world.

Since January 2016, it has turned very hard and difficult to access and stream content on Italian Netflix abroad. This isn’t only true about Italian Netflix, but also all other countries. That was when Netflix launched in all the countries of the world (with a few exceptions), and as a consequence, they started blocking VPN providers worldwide. That is why you will get the proxy and unblocker error when you try to watch Netflix using a VPN today, but there are a few exceptions and ways to bypass this. So, how can you watch Italian Netflix in the USA? Read on to find out!

Lots of amazing Italian content available on Netflix Italy
Lots of amazing Italian content available on Netflix Italy

Watch Italian Netflix in the US and in the UK!

To watch Italian Netflix, you need to use a VPN provider that will actually work with the country. There are many good VPN providers out there worth using, but they will still be blocked by Netflix. So, which is the best and only VPN you should pick as you want to access Netflix Italy abroad?

Use ExpressVPN to watch Italian Netflix abroad

There is one VPN provider working with Italian Netflix and that is ExpressVPN. To use their services you will have to visit their website, purchase a VPN subscription, and download their VPN client.

You will get three months for free if you click the button above and sign up for the 12-months ExpressVPN package.

You might be worried about how this works and what you will need to do, but here I will explain to you quickly and easily how this works. Also, there is no need to worry about ExpressVPN. They have a 30-day money back policy, meaning that you will get your money back if you complain or if you do not like their service.

Access Italian Netflix in the US – step by step

  • Click the ExpressVPN button above, sign up for their services.
  • Download the VPN client to your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android device, Smart TV.
  • Run the application and connect to an Italian server (in Cosenza).
  • Restart the Netflix app or restart your browser.
  • You will now have access to Italian Netflix abroad. Enjoy!

Since ExpressVPN has applications available for Android systems (also Android TVs), Amazon Fire TV Stick, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Macintosh, this is easy to use and the application is also clean and easy to use. They also have browser add-ons, meaning that you can only run the VPN connection in your browser if you prefer that to install the VPN application itself on your computer.

Get access to all the content on Italian Netflix in the USA and in the UK
Get access to all the content on Italian Netflix in the USA and in the UK

How to find the Italian content on Italian Netflix?

If you first access Italian Netflix, how can you find all the content that is actually Italian? It is really easy, and this is what you need to do.

  • Select Movies or TV shows from the Menu.
  • Click the menu again (drop-down list) and select Italian from the list of content.
  • You will now see all the Italian content available on Netflix in Italy.

What else to do with your ExpressVPN subscription?

If you have an ExpressVPN subscription, you better enjoy all the content on Italian Netflix first (after all, that is what you are here for). But, once you get some empty hours, you better take advantage of some other goodies you get with your VPN subscription. You might actually feel like when you buy a Kinder Egg… you get the chocolate, but in addition, you get the excitement and a toy! That is almost the ExpressVPN deal!

You might consider accessing Italian Netflix in the UK to be the chocolate, but then you quickly notice the toy as well. Because, with ExpressVPN you can get access to 5-6 other Netflix regions as well, making it one of the best VPN providers for Netflix on the market. Currently, you can access American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, German Netflix, English Netflix, Dutch Netflix, and Indian Netflix as well with ExpressVPN. That is a lot of content you will get access to that was unavailable to you before you signed up with ExpressVPN.

Besides giving you access to other Netflix regions, you can also use ExpressVPN to stream BBC abroad, to watch Rai Italy outside Italy, and of course, watch Amazon Prime content outside the United States, and unblock hundreds of other TV channels and streaming services worldwide.

Ready to stream Italian Netflix abroad?

If you have followed these instructions, you know have a way to watch Italian Netflix in the USA, in the UK, in Canada, and everywhere else in the world. Isn’t that cool? And once you understand how to play with the toy (ExpressVPN), you will discover a world of opportunities which will give you many more hours with awesome streaming experiences online.

If you need any help watching Italian Netflix abroad, or if you want to know more about how you can take advantage of your VPN subscription, write a comment and let me know. Also, it is very nice for me to hear from grateful readers who have succeeded in streaming content on Italian Netflix following these instructions, so please write a comment and share your positive experience we me and all our readers as well!

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  1. Nicole Baker says:

    I am thrilled to have Italian Netflix now in the USA. I speak Italian, but how do I get English subtitles for my friends?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Well, you might be lucky and the movies you watch will have English subtitles (or Italian). But, that is different for every single movie and TV show, so you will just have to find the content that has the subtitles and audio that you are in need of!

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