How to watch My Life is Murder online?

My Life is Murder is the name of a brand new Australian TV series about an ex-detective who is bought back into the work of investigation. But, how can you watch My Life is Murder online?

My Life is Murder is a TV show created for and by Network Ten in Australia. They are running the streaming platform named 10Play, and that is the best and the only place to stream My Life is Murder online currently. However, it isn’t easy to get access to Tenplay if you live abroad. How come? Isn’t it enough to use a VPN?

How to watch My Life is Murder online?

Use a VPN to watch My Life is Murder

In principle, a VPN should be enough. But, the truth is that Tenplay is blocking 99% of all VPN prpoviders and their servers, which makes it all so much harder. But, there is a solution to the challenge, and that is by using the VPN services of ExpressVPN (the only VPN actually working with 10Play).

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  • Click the button above to sign up for ExpressVPN and to get a big discount! In fact, if you purchase a 12-month subscription, you will get three extra months for free.
  • Download the VPN application, install it, and connect to a server in Australia.
  • Restart your browser (or open an Incogntio/Private window), or restarat the 10Play application.
  • Stream My Life is Murder online.

You should now be ready to watch My Life is Murder online in the best possible way. But, is it worth it?

Is it worth watching My Life is Murder online?

I have watched the first episode, and I have got to say that I loved it. This is actually what I would call a story about an investigator that is really entertaining. Not only is it exciting to follow Alexa Crowe (played by Lucy Lawless), but she is a really good character. She is a brilliant detective, but at the same time, a very funny character. It is easy to enjoy her company, and that is what makes My Life is Murder so attractive in the first place. If you don’t know who Lucy Laweless is, you might remember her from her roles in Xena: Warrior Princess and in Ash vs Evil Dead.

Alexa is an ex-detective, but when she is approached by Detective Inspector Kieran Hussey about assisting in some cases, she cannot resist the temptation to help out. This will, of course, lead her into action and interesting cases.

My Life is Murder

The first episode of My Life is Murder

In the first episode, Alexa is helping out discovering the truth behind the death of a successful business woman who “fell out” from the 13th floor in a nice apartmant house (the apartment belongs to a male escort). Was the fall an accident, or did someone actually kill the girl? If so, was it the escort?

This is a great series, and you better give it a try if you haven’t seen My Life is Murder yet!

Have you seen My Life is Murder? How did you enjoy the show?

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