How to watch My Life is Murder online?

My Life is Murder is the name of a brand new Australian TV series about an ex-detective who is bought back into the work of investigation. But, how can you watch My Life is Murder online? My Life is Murder is a TV show created for and by Network Ten in Australia. They are running Read More moves to

Network Ten, also know as Tenplay or 10Play has now moved their streaming site to a new address. As a result, you will no longer be able to stream content on their former address, but instead, you will be transferred to whenever you want to stream content. We didn’t notice this entirely ourselves, Read More

Highlights on Tenplay this autumn

Network Ten or commonly known just as Channel Ten is an Australian commercial broadcasting network which is the fourth largest and oldest Australian free-to-air television network just behind Nine Network, Seven Network and ABC. The current Australian program of Network Ten consists several series and various shows such as Shark Tank, Wonderland, The Bachelor, The Read More

Watch Winter Olympics online on Network Ten in Australia!

Network Ten in Australia are proud to broadcast day and night from the Winter Olympics in Sochi! If you are an Australian or simply would like to watch the Winter Olympics online on the Network Ten website, then keep on reading! In Australia Network Ten is the only company that will broadcast from the Winter Read More

How to watch Network Ten from abroad? (updated December 2019)

Network Ten is an Australian TV network, which is known by many as Channel Ten. They are one of the leading TV channels in Australia, and they allow their fans to watch a whole lot of programs online, using Tenplay. If you try to watch Network Ten from outside Australia, there will occur a problem Read More