How to watch Netflix in France?

Do you want to watch Netflix in France, but suffer from the fact that it is unavailable? Find out how you can watch Netflix, also in France.

Netflix from FranceThe rumours say that Netflix might come to France in 2014, but until then you will have to use some other strategies to watch Netflix. One way to fix it is to use a VPN service to get an IP address in the UK. Once you have a UK IP address you will be able to sign up for a Netflix account in the UK, and then you will be able to watch UK Netflix from France. It is really easy, just as easy as it sounds!

If you want to try this yourself, then we recommend the use of PureVPN, a great VPN service with good speeds at their UK VPN servers, making you able to watch streaming of films and TV series at high speeds from France.

If you would rather sign up for a Netflix account in the United States, that can also be done easily, just connect to a VPN server in the USA and sign up for a Netflix account in the USA instead.

Good luck, and enjoy watching Netflix from France in another nation, until the service finally arrives in France.

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