How to watch Netflix in Italy?

Sad to know that Netflix is not yet availabe in Italy? Would you like to find out how you can still watch Netflix in Italy? Read on and find out how to watch Netflix in Italy!

It might be that Netflix will come to Italy in the near future, but until then we will have to find temporary solutions to the problem. As of know, the best solution is to sign up for a Netflix account in another nation where it is possible to sign up for Netflix accounts. We suggest that you sign up for a Netflix account in either the UK or in the USA. If you try to do so from Italy you will not be able to do so, because of a so called geo-block, which only allows people with a UK or with an American IP address to sign up. You therefore need to get hold of a local IP address in the UK or in the USA, and the best way to do so is by using a VPN service.

Netflix in Italy

We have tried several VPN services providing IP addresses in both UK and in the USA and the best service if you want to watch Netflix in one of the nations is either PureVPN or HideMyAss. PureVPN have better speeds, but is normally a bit more expensive (unless when they have discounts available). Check out their site first, and if you find their prices and subscriptions good, sign up for a PureVPN account. If you do not like their prices, go for HideMyAss instead.

Once you have connected to one of their servers in the UK or in the USA, visit the Netflix site, make an account in that given nation and start watching your favorite TV shows and films online, thus watching Netflix in Italy. Great stuff!


Good luck, and enjoy watching Netflix from Italy!

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