How to watch Poldark season 5 online?

Poldark is the name of a BBC series that first aired in 2015. It has since then grown in popularity, and the fifth season is the most recent in the series. But, how and where can you watch Poldark season 5 online?

Poldark is a historical drama and it is based on the novels written by Winston Graham. The lead actor in the series is Aidan Turner, a person unknown to many, but fans of The Clinic and The Hobbit trilogy might recognize him still. Ross Poldark is returning from the American War of Independence to the estate of his fathers in Cornwall. The show has received fantastic critics, and one person called it “a juicy, romantic, melodramatic storytelling at its most enjoyable. ” But, where can you watch the fifth season of Poldark online? And what about the earlier seasons? Here you can find all the information you need to watch Poldark online!

Instructions on how to watch Poldark season 1-5 online!
Instructions on how to watch Poldark season 1-5 online!

Watch Poldark online

You might be surprised to find out that you cannot really stream this BBC show in its fullness on BBC iPlayer. But, you can stream the most recent episodes, meaning that you can stream Poldark season 5 on BBC iPlayer currently. Click the link yourself to visit BBC iPlayer to see which episodes are currently available at the site! But, if you visit the site and see Poldark season 5 at the BBC iPlayer website, you will still get into trouble as you click the episodes to stream them. After all, the BBC iPlayer streams are only available to registered users located in the UK. So, what can you do to stream Poldark on BBC abroad?

Stream Poldark season 5 on BBC iPlayer

To watch Poldark season 5 on BBC iPlayer, register a user at the BBC website. This is completely free. Make sure to register with a ZIP code in the UK. Once this is done, you have to purchase a subscription to a VPN provider that actually works with BBC iPlayer in the UK. The best solution for this is to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN, the fastest and best VPN on the market for unblocking websites and streaming services.

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After signing up with ExpressVPN, download their VPN client and connect to a server in the UK. This will give you a local IP address, and an IP address that isn’t blocked by BBC iPlayer. You can now reload the BBC website or the BBC Player (application) and start streaming. Should you get further trouble, check the following YouTube video for further help.

Watch Poldark season 5 on NRK in Norway!

This is a super convenient and easy way to watch Poldark season 5 online. Not only can you watch season 5 in this way, but on NRK in Norway, you will have access to all five seasons of the show until May 31st in 2021. That is a long time. So, you have almost two entire years to watch all the five seasons of Poldark on NRK in Norway, if you want to!

But, how can you watch NRK in Norway abroad? It is very easy. Just like described above, use the VPN services of ExpressVPN after signing up by clicking the button above. Download their client and connect to a server in Norway. Once this is done, visit the following site and start streaming.

Watch Poldark on NRK in Norway
Watch Poldark on NRK in Norway

This might actually be the easiest way to watch Poldark online, so I can warmly recommend it!

Can I watch Poldark on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Poldark on Netflix, but only in a few countries. Luckily, you can fix that using the VPN services of ExpressVPN as well. Click the button above, sign up for their services and download their application. Suddenly, you have several ways to stream Poldark on Netflix, and here are your best options!

  • Watch Poldark on French Netflix
    You can watch the first five seasons of Poldark on Netflix in France. This is a very nice region and the only Netflix region which will give you access to the most recent season of Outlander, the Department Q movies and lots of local French Netflix.
    To watch Poldark on French Netflix, connect to an ExpressVPN server in France.
  • Watch Poldark on UK Netflix
    If you do not want to watch Poldark season 5 on the BBC website, visit the Netflix website instead and watch Poldark on UK Netflix. Currently, the first three seasons of Poldark can be streamed on Netflix in the UK. You can also watch Suits season 9 on Netflix in the UK and lots of other goodies.
    To watch Poldark on UK Netflix, connect to an ExpressVPN server in the UK!

Those are the options if you feel like streaming Poldark on Netflix. The great thing is that all these options are available for you with one single VPN subscription, so all your troubles are solved if you follow the instructions.

What is Poldark season 5 about?

Take a look at the following BBC trailer for Poldark season 5!

The fifth season will also be the final season of Poldark. It consists of 8 episodes, meaning that you only have eight episodes left if you have seen the first four seasons, now getting ready for Poldark season 5.

Do not forget that you can also watch all the other great TV shows at BBC iPlayer with these instructions, meaning that you can stream Peaky Blinders, Line of Duty, Bodyguard, Luther, Cuckoo, Fleabag, and lots of other BBC originals at BBC iPlayer abroad with ExpressVPN!

Are you happy and ready to stream Poldark online? If you have any questions or comments, write a comment and I will do my best to answer if you need help!

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