Is the Ridiculous 6 a ridiculous film?

The Ridiculous 6 is a Netflix production that had its premiere on Netflix in the start of December instead of having its premiere in cinemas all around the world. This is a western film that seemed to get a big contract, but instead ended up on Netflix. Adam Sandler is the main character in the film, but he is not at all alone, because in addition to him we meet Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, Nick Nolte, Jon Lovitz, Danny Trejo, Steve Buscemi and Jorge Garcia.

The Ridiculous 6 review

So, there is not lack of stars in The Ridiculous 6, but let us at once assure you that stars does not mean that a film is great. And to use the question is rather whether or not The Ridiculous 6 is a ridiculous film or not. If you are very tired as you watch this you will either have some crazy laughs, or you will fall asleep quickly. This is for sure not a top film, and this if for sure not the best we have seen of Adam Sandler. It is for sure his kind of film, a low budget comedy, but compared to films like The Cobbler and Pixels, this is a very poor film.

The film has some cool jokes, but in general this film feels more like stupid with a lot of forced jokes that simply had to be there to at least create a potential for some good laughs. But, if you are not very much into comedies and Adam Sandler, then this film will probably be more ridiculous than a good film.

So, what should you watch instead of The Ridiculous 6 on Netflix? If you are in for a crazy action film then we would go for Kingsman which can be seen on Canadian Netflix. If you want a romantic comedy, then The Holiday is the best solution. If you want Adam Sandler, then go for The Cobbler instead which can be seen on US Netflix.

Did you like The Ridiculous 6? Would you recommend it to others? Write a comment and let us know if you agree or disagree with us.


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