Klima DAO – Should I buy? Is it worth it? A few thoughts worth reading before you progress!

Have you heard about the project Klima DAO? Would you like to invest in the project? Is it worth it? Can you trust Klima DAO? Is Klima DAO a scam? In this article, I will give you a little introduction to the project, and hopefully, you will feel wiser after reading it.

People are buying cryptocurrencies because they believe in the technology on which it is running (the blockchain technology), because they like the different projects, and because they want to get rich. I am not sure what your motivation is for doing research on Klima DAO, but there are many things that make this a promising and exciting project.

What do I mean? Klima DAO is about helping nature by removing carbon from the atmosphere whenever a KLIMA token is minted. This can be done by actual removal from the atmosphere, or by supporting projects that make sure that the carbon excess (or methane) never reaches the atmosphere. This can be done by supporting tree planting projects, projects using renewable energy (or financing such options), and also support projects that make sure that the methane gases newer reach the atmosphere (instead, they reuse it for creating new energy).

This in itself is a really nice goal and vision, meaning that it has my full support when it comes to the vision for the project. But, can it be trusted, or are there a bunch of gangsters working in the background, dressed like a cute girl, when they truly carry the face of a wolf underneath?

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Can we trust Klima DAO? Is it worth investing in the project?

If you want to understand more about Klima DAO, you better take a closer look at OlympusDAO. These projects are closely related, and Klima DAO is actually an official (and accepted) fork of OHM (OlympusDAO). As a result, you will see that the websites (the applications) are very similar, and the ways the projects operate are similar. In other words, they both operate with amazing APY, meaning that investing in the project will give you your investment manifold back if you stay in there for a long time. OlympusDAO is currently running with a 7000% APY, and we can expect something similar for Klima DAO after launch on October 18th (when it will turn available on SushiSwap (on the Polygon network).

This sounds promising, and while you buy or mint Klima tokens, you will even support the environment. That sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

But, can you trust the project? Can you trust the team?

To be honest, we don’t know anything about the team behind Klima DAO, and we do not know anything about the team behind OlympusDAO. The latter is created by Zeus, but I guess that name doesn’t exactly boost confidence in most readers. However, it isn’t always easy to add your name to a cryptocurrency project, and often, you can do a better job remaining anonymous. The problem is, if the protocol should disappear, then we don’t know who to blame or sure, and that does feel a bit bad.

Just like that problem exists with Olympus DAO, it also exists with Klima DAO, and also with Wonderland (TIME), a non-official OlympusDAO fork running on the Avalanche blockchain.

  • Once again, we do not know the team, and this should come as a red flag to many people.
  • However, OlympusDAO has more than $100,000,000 worth in its treasury. If they really wanted to rug-pull, they would have done it already (most likely).
  • There is a strong community of developers and fans active in the community of OlympusDAO, and Klima has already gained a great reputation online.
klima dao carbon credits

Should I buy Klima tokens?

Are you having struggles in your economy? I wouldn’t risk money that I couldn’t afford to lose. But, if you have $10 you could set aside, or maybe $100, or $1000, then it might be a good idea. Of course, you might lose it all, but if you just buy some Klima tokens and stake them on the platform, then you might end up seeing your investment increase 50x in value in the coming year. It isn’t impossible at all.

But, that is just speculation. Do not forget that you can buy the tokens from October 18th on SushiSwap on the Polygon network. The best trading pair for Klima tokens will be the KLIMA – USDC trading pair.

Whare are your thoughts about Klima?

Are you going to invest in the project? What are your thoughts about it? I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions!

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