Last episode of 24: Legacy is now on Hulu

It feels almost like yesterday when 24: Legacy had its premiere on Fox on February 5th, following the incredible Super Bowl show. Today it is April 18th, and the last episode of 24: Legacy aired on Fox yesterday. As of know you can stream the full season on Hulu!

We are big 24 fans here in the IP Address Guide, and for that reason we have written quite a lot of articles about 24: Legacy, and we also share insight on how you can stream Fox outside the USA and how you can watch 24: Legacy on Hulu outside the USA.24 Legacy is finished

We have not yet seen the last episode of 24: Legacy, but we are waiting for the perfect timing (when we are not working), but when we can sit down and relax with something nice to eat and drink, and then it is time to see how Eric Carter and everyone at CTU will stop the terrorists from killing Rebecca Ingram and all the other stuff happening in the series.

It has been an interesting season, and we must say that they have done a great job keeping it in the 24 spirit. They have in fact improved in a couple of ways, making it less annoying than earlier, as “moles” on the inside has been discovered earlier (instead of annoying us for lots of episodes), hostage situations have been solved faster and it has been a very convenient season of 24 to watch. And again, we haven’t really missed Jack Bauer, because 24 is much more about the concept than it was about the character of Jack Bauer. In that way Eric Carter has been a great character and we look forward to future seasons of 24 already!

Have you liked 24: Legacy? Are you satisfied with the way the season ended?

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