Is YouTube TV suitable for streaming European football?

With the arrival of YouTube TV, quite a lot of companies fear their own customers. Can YouTube TV become a big opponent to the companies streaming European football to Americans?

There are lots of fans of European football in the United States. Clubs such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United have big fan groups in the States, and when these clubs play in their national leagues, and then later in the Champions League, it is totally understandable that the fans want to watch the action. Some of the leading companies fighting for these customers are DirecTV, Playstation VUE and Fubo TV. The question is however, whether or not YouTube TV will become a serious contestant in the battle for the European football fans in the States?

Yesterday was the first leg in the Champions League quarter finals in Europe. After a tragic attack on the Borussia Dortmund bus before the match, only one quarter final match was played. Juventus played against FC Barcelona at Juventus Stadium in Turin, and that was one crazy match. The match could be streamed at both Fubo TV, Playstation VUE and DirecTV, but with a standard YouTube TV subscription you could also stream the match there. The same is true about the different upcoming Champions League quarter finals today.

This upcoming weekend there will be more matches played in the Premier League in England, in Serie A in Italy, in La Liga in Spain, in Ligue 1 in France and in the German Bundesliga. Based on our understanding a person with a normal YoubeTube TV subscription will be able enjoy a nice mixture of Premier League football, some German Bundesliga football and maybe some Spanish football with the Fox Soccer 1 and 2 channels, Fox and with NBCSN. But, if you compare it with for example Fubo TV, the most important channels missing are beIN Sports and also Fox Sports. You can buy access to Fox Sports for an additional 15 USD per month with YouTube, making the price you pay 50 USD per month. Currently Fubo TV costs 35 USD per month, but one should not forget that you do not get access to NBC, Fox, CBS, ABC and similar networks with the 35 USD Fubo TV subscription.

Watching Champions League on YouTube TV
Watching Champions League on YouTube TV

Which service gives you the most for your money!

Considering the fact that you get all your favorite TV shows (almost), live streams from the biggest networks in the USA and also access to lots of European football on Fox Soccer 1 and 2 and on NBCSN, you get “most” value for your money with YouTube TV. But, if you are simply looking for lots of European football, then you will get much more value for your money with Fubo TV.

The decision is yours, so look around and make up your mind! For more information on how you can watch YouTube TV in Europe, click the link. It should be mentioned however, that it is much harder to watch YouTube TV in Europe than Fubo TV, at least if you want to watch YouTube TV on your Apple TV, Chromecast and similar devices.

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