Skip Kodi! Watch Premier League in a much better way!

Major steps have been made in the UK to stop illegal streaming of the Premier League using Kodi. As of April it has even been given rights to block signals providing these streams at top level, meaning that Kodi usage will simply be blocked during the Premier League match hours. Isn’t that a disaster? Not really!

It is always great to stream football for little or nothing online. But, when it comes to a fantastic football league such as the Premier League, then you do not want the coincidences to tell you which match to stream, and which match not to stream. You want to watch every highlight and every important moment. Just like when Manchester United won 2-0 against Chelsea on Old Trafford this Sunday. Now the Premier League is heating up with Tottenham closing in on Chelsea, and thins might be really interesting if that battle keeps up in the coming weeks.

Here we are watching the Premier League on YouTube TV
Here we are watching the Premier League on Fubo TV

But, what should Kodi fans do who are blocked?

If you have used Kodi to stream the Premier League, then our advise is to use another solution named Fubo TV. It is legal and it is way better in many ways. You can use it to stream all sorts of football, it is a legal service with real football streams and you can get it for a much cheaper price than what you would pay for BT Sport and Sky Sports in the United Kingdom.7

If you press the Fubo TV link above you can find out much more about the service, but I truly recommend you to give it a try. It will give you access to Champions League football, to the Premier League, to Ligue 1, to La Liga, to Serie A, to Bundesliga and to even more. In fact you can stream the Europe League online as well, something that is really interesting considering the fact that Manchester United has great chances to get all the way to the final in that tournament this year!

In other words… skip Kodi, and start watching Premier League football and all your other favorite football leagues on Fubo TV instead. Since Fubo TV is a service available in the United States, we recommend that you follow these steps to stream Fubo TV in the UK.

What do you think of the Kodi ban in the UK? Is is reasonable?


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