Liverpool vs. Manchester United – Premier League returning with a boom!

We have had a little break from football in the top leagues in Europe, due to World Cup qualification matches. Now the leagues are back in business, and in the Premier League, we will enjoy a fantastic opening match; Liverpool vs. Manchester United.

During normal weekends there is normally one Premier League match played on Fridays. This time that ain’t true, meaning that the first Premier League match after the break will be played between Liverpool and Manchester on Anfield Road on October 14th. This will be the real highlight of the weekend. Both teams feel the need to win the match. Liverpool needs to win the match to remain among the top teams in the Premier League, while Manchester United wants to win to make sure Manchester City doesn’t get to rule the Premier League alone on the top of the table.

Watch Liverpool vs Manchester United

This will not be an easy match with both teams in good shape, but Manchester United has impressed us more so far this season than Liverpool has. Will they continue? Can Lukaku keep up his fantastic pace and goal-getter instincts, also in this match?

How to watch Liverpool vs. Manchester United?

Would you like to stream Liverpool vs. Manchester United online? It can be done. We have already written a long article on how to stream the Premier League online, so press the link and read that article. In it you will find detailed instructions on how to watch the Premier League online, so we hope you will enjoy it!

It is very easy, and the best method described in the article will also give you access to all the other top football leagues in Europe, in addition to the Europe League and Champions League.

Who will you be cheering for in the match between Liverpool and Manchester United?

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