Lots of football to watch!

WolfsburgIf you are a fan of football and have a VPN connection available then there are lots of great stuff for you to watch almost every single day of the week. The Premier League matches are going on every weekend and with Champions League matches, Europe League matches and matches in other leagues like La Liga and the German Bundesliga available online, there are tons of stuff to watch.

This weekend we could watch matches like Manchester United and Manchester City, which ended with a boring 0-0 result, but still it was a great match. In addition there were great matches and lots of goals in other matches, and if you follow statistics you could also hear about how James Vardy playing for Leicester scored a goal again and thus he was able to score goal in something like 7 matches in a row, which is something that only few people have been able to do before him.

In the German Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund is playing football matches in which lots of goals are scored, but even though Bayern Munchen seems to be by far the strongest team available in the league.

In Spain Real Madrid and their fantastic keeper Navas did a great match against Celta Vigo away this last weekend and got three points. After their loss against PSG that was very good for them, but a team that is not doing so good at the moment is Chelsea, who lost a new match and it might be that Mourinho is not sitting so safely in the coach chair for Chelsea anymore.

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