Netflix expansion again

Netflix expands againNetflix is expanding again and this time they are taking three new nations. The first nation was Spain in which Netflix was launched yesterday. Today it is time for Netflix in Portugal and yesterday it is time for the italians to skip pizza and pasta for some days and instead watch some Netflix!

This is a grand step for Netflix and if you think about it this means that they have expanded into Spain which has more than 45 million inhabitants, into Portugal with about 10 million inhabitants and Italy with almost 60 million people. In other words they will now due to this expansion be able to reach more than 115 million more people than until now. We do not have any doubt that they will receive thousands of new people registering for Netflix in these nations already from day one and it will hopefully also make it more attractive for people in these nations to actually pay a small amount every month to watch legally, instead of download and using torrents!

There is still people of course in these nations who have already used Netflix for a long while using VPN connections for this purpose, and if they have gotten used to watching Netflix in England they might not be 100% satisfied once they discover that there will be a quite different number of films and TV series available on Netflix in Italy, and thus they might watch a lot on Italian Netflix, but then from time to time they will jump around using their VPN connection or maybe Unlocator to visit other Netflix regions and watch whatever is available there, which can not be found on their local Netflix!

If you want to know more about watching Netflix from abroad, just click the link to read our article which we wrote some years back, but which is still valid and worth reading.

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