How i Met Your Mother on Netflix

How I Met your Mother on NetflixDo you want to watch How i Met your Mother on Netflix? It can be done now, and with a US Netflix subscription you can watch all nine seasons at once.

Not all Netflix users can watch all nine seasons, because if you go to for example Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark only the first eight seasons are available on Netflix. However, with a US Netflix account you will be able to watch all nine seasons of the series, and though you will be able to watch the final episodes of How i Met your Mother. So, what can you do to watch them right away?

If you have a Netflix subscription

If you already have a Netflix subsription, but not in a country where you can watch all nine seasons of How i Met your Mother, then you sign up for the VPN services of HideMyAss and download their client. Once this is done connect to one of their servers in the United States and restart your browser. Now visit and you will find yourself able to watch all nine seasons of How i Met Your Mother with your current Netflix subscription. All you need is a US IP address.


If you do not have a Netflix subscription

You will of course need a Netflix subscription in the United States, but to get that you first need an American IP address. To get that you should use the VPN provider HideMyAss. Connect to their US server and visit There you can sign up for a Netflix account, and then you are at once able to start your thirty day free trial, and then you can watch all nine seasons of HIMYM online. For more information on watching Netflix from abroad, read the linked article.

Go ahead, and enjoy watching How I Met Your Mother and other cool shows at Netflix.

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