HideMyAss with servers in 100 different nations

It is beyond all doubt that HideMyAss is the biggest VPN provider on the market. There are quite some also growing rapidly, but HideMyAss is the biggest of them all, and yesterday they opened a new server, making them now the only VPN provider on the market with servers in 100 different nations.HideMyAss in Brunei

Not long ago we wrote about how HideMyAss added new servers in nations such as Bahrain, Bangladesh, Syria and other nations, and now they got a new server in what is their nation number 100, and that nation is Brunei. The server itself is located in Jerudong. Are you looking for an IP address in Brunei? HideMyAss is the answer!

With all these new servers HideMyAss is making it hard to keep our HideMyAss review up to date. As we originally wrote the review they had less than 50 nations represented, but since then they have been growing all the time, so we have updated it frequently, but it seems as if it is time to update it again within shortly, because now they have servers in more than 100 nations.

Another VPN provider growing quickly at the moment is PureVPN. They are still quite far away from 100 nations, but if they keep the speed up like they have been growing lately, we guess they will reach 100 nations by the end of 2015. Only time will show. But, let us not forget that it is a big responsibility to have servers in 100 nations and to be the biggest of all VPN providers. Because, if the servers are slow they can soon be known as a crappy VPN provider, and then the 100 nations will ruin more than they bless. So, HideMyAss, keep growing, and keep the servers in those 100 nations up to speed, upgrade them and add more IPs in those nations where you are already active, to make sure that your current and new customers in the future will stay happy with the VPN services you offer them!

Visit the HideMyAss website to see their prices and to sign up for their services.


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