How to use the IP Exchange – Tutorial with images!

Would you like to use the IP Exchange and rent an IP address for a couple of hours, a day, or maybe a month? How can it be done? Here I will show you step-by-step how to use the IP Exchange and how you can change your IP address quickly and at a very low Read More

My first test of the IPSX platform (the IP exchange)

A few months ago, I wrote some articles about something called IPSX, an IP address exchange. A few days ago the exchange went online, and anyone can now rent IP addresses all around the globe using the platform. If you want to visit the IP Exchange, visit to learn more about it and give it Read More

How to setup a proxy server in Mozilla Firefox?

Do you want to change your IP address, maybe get an IP address in another nation, or simply have a desire to surf the net anonymously? If so, a proxy server might help you in many ways. There are two challenges dealing with proxy servers. The first is to find a good and operative proxy Read More