Do I need a VPN connection?

do-i-need-a-vpn-connectionHave you heard about VPN connections? Have you heard about the need of securing yourself online? But, do you really need a VPN connection? This might help you!

When you walk into a grocery store you might have a list of 5 products that you need to buy. As we get to the place for paying for our goods we should however not be surprised if we have ended up buying at least 10 products. How come? We walk through the store and suddenly we understand that it would be very useful to have some extra hot chocolate at home, some fries in the fridge and of course some carrots. These were not on the original list, but as we walk around inspiration hits us.

Maybe you have surfed around the Internet and recently you heard about VPN connections and VPN providers. Is that something you need to take down from the shelf and get for yourself? That is a brilliant question and to get the answer we suggest that you take a look at the following video or keep on reading the text beneath the video.

Do I need a VPN connection?

The video above only last for 1 minute so I recommend that you take a look at it. Even though it is short and simple it will give you a grasp about whether or not a VPN connection is for you.

To be able to understand the question and our answer it is important to know what a VPN connection is. We have already written our guide named VPN for dummies, so check it out for a basic introduction to VPN connection.

Some of the questions asked in the video are:

  • Do you often use Wi-Fi networks, including open (not password protected) networks?
  • Want to ensure that not even your ISP or others can spy and see what websites you visit and what you watch online?
  • Would you like to bypass social media bans or bypass geo-blocks?
  • Want to make sure that your confidential data remains private?
  • Need to use P2P (torrenting) without being in danger of getting detected?

If you just answered yes to one or more of these questions a VPN might be exactly what you need. Find out more about different VPN services right here.

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