NordVPN with even more servers

Celebrating Easter with their customers NordVPN has added even more servers in countries in which they are already present. Here is the complete list.

NordVPN news

NordVPN has just added more servers in the following nations:

Australia #19-26
Canada #85-88
Denmark #4-7
France #16-17
Italy #8-13
Japan #7-10
Netherlands #56-71
Romania #5-8
Singapore #10-12
Spain #10-13
Sweden #26-33
Switzerland #8-11
United Kingdom #90-97
United States #555-635

Normally we say that it is fantastic with new servers, as they are normally not yet blocked by Netflix, and thus you can get access to Netflix in all these nations and regions easily. But, with NordVPN that ain’t completely true. They are running this is a different way, meaning that no matter which country you connect to with the NordVPN applicatiom, you will always be given access to US Netflix. They are this tricking the system in a very nice way. It is brilliant, because you connect to a server in your home country, but you are able to stream US Netflix at max speed (without the speed loss you have connected to a server in the USA). The disadvantage is however that you do not get access to Netflix in the nation you actually connect to.

Do you think that is nice? Do you like it that NordVPN automatically gives you access to US Netflix?

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