NordVPN now has a server in Slovenia as well!

We are frequently writing blog posts about new VPN servers added to the NordVPN network. This month they have not only added lots of new servers in countries they are present already, but they also added their first server in the country of Slovenia.

Before you take a look at the full list beneath, you should notice the new server in Slovenia, and also what they call Double VPN servers which they now introduce in both USA and in Canada. In addition they also change a lot of their existing servers, and they add new servers, making the NordVPN network up to date and a network that should serve its customers very well.

For more information on NordVPN, read our review, or press the NordVPN button beneath to visit their website.


New NordVPN servers again

Here is the total list presenting the new servers added to the NordVPN network:

Albania #2
Australia #27-39
Austria #7-10
Belgium #3-6
Canada #89-94
Czech Republic #3-6
Finland #5-9
France #18-23
Germany #139-154
Iceland #4-7
Ireland #2
Italy #14-15
Luxembourg #5-12
Moldova #2-5
Netherlands #72-79
Norway #6-9
Romania #9-12
South Africa #6
Sweden #34-45
Switzerland #12-15
Turkey #4-7
United Kingdom #98-105
United States #665-725

If you want to get access to Netflix in any of these nations, then you should try connecting to one of the new NordVPN servers. We have no guarantee that it will work, but often new servers are not yet detected by Netflix, and thus you can change your Netflix region easily using this strategy. For more information about accessing other Netflix regions just press the link.

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