One week till Rugby World Cup

Rugby introductionToday it is only seven days left before Rugby fans worldwide will turn their eyes in the direction of England and to twelve fantastic stadiums there to watch the Rugby World Cup. The first match is to be played on September 18th and the big final will be played about 1 1/2 month later, on November 1st!

The Rugby World Cup might not get as much attention as the FIFA World Cup, but it is still a giant sports event that will attract millions of viewers to the screen all around the world. Among the teams participating in the Rugby World Cup you can find New Zealand, South Africa, England, Australia, France, Ireland, Fiji, Samoa, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Wales and quite some others. The biggest favorites before the tournament might be New Zealand and England, but in a World Cup anything can happen, so make sure to watch all the matches on your TV, mobile, tablet or computer from the first second. If you want to know more about how to watch the Rugby World Cup online, please read this article.

In a busy Premier League time such as this you might find it interesting that quite a lot of the venues in use during the Rugby World Cup are Premier League stadiums, so for example the home ground of Manchester City, City of Manchester Stadium, will also be used during the Rugby World Cup.

In general there will be played 3 or 4 matches a day during the tournament, during the group stage, but there will also be quite a lot of days set aside for resting when the players can practice, relax, eat some fish and chips and maybe read a good Shakespeare book!

Do you have poor knowledge on Rugby? Take a look at this introduction to rugby which will show you the rules of the match and how a rugby match is played?

After watching these two videos you might now know everything there is to know about rugby, but you will have gotten some basic knowledge about the game, and after watching a match or two you will probably already understand the expressions and the rules, and thus you will be able to enjoy every single moment of the rugby World Cup online.

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