PrivateVPN with new VPN application making streaming much easier!

Private VPN, the Swedish VPN provider, just released a new version of their VPN client making streaming content online much easier. Wonder what I am thinking about? Take a look at the screenshots beneath!

Before continuing, read more about PrivateVPN in our review, and if you just want to sign up and use their services, click the PrivateVPN button beneath,

Do not worry about PrivateVPN as they have a 30-day money back guarantee. And even better, they give you access to more Netflix regions than any other VPN provider on the market!

What’s new in the new PrivateVPN application?

To be honest, it simply looks better and more smooth. Nothing has happened to the colors and the shape of the application, but somehow, it just looks better.

The new PrivateVPN application for Windows
The new PrivateVPN application simply looks better.

Maybe you think the application is very simple and easy, and I agree with you. But, when it comes to a VPN, that is exactly what 95% of the users are looking for. Those who want to use PrivateVPN to bypass a geo-block do not care about advanced VPN functions and some complicated design. They just want it to be easy.

And do you know what? The new PrivateVPN just made the lives of those using the application to bypass geo-blocks much easier. Do you know why? You will find out when you press the “choose location” button in the application.

What happens when you “choose location” in the new PrivateVPN app?

Take a look at the screenshot beneath, and you will understand what I mean.

What is your purpose with PrivateVPN?
What is your purpose with PrivateVPN?

Here you will see that the application will give you three options. You can pick a server based on what service you want to reach, you can see a list of all servers, or you can pick from your favorites. This is just so perfect and so easy, and making it a dream to use PrivateVPN for unblocking streaming sites.

Whenever you select a channel, or maybe Netflix, you will see a selection of servers you can connect to that will give you access to that certain channel (like BBC in the UK), or Netflix worldwide. What is great about the app, is that you will find a list of all the PrivateVPN servers working with Netflix, making it easy for you to get access to more than 15 different Netflix regions at once. That is outstanding and makes PrivateVPN the best VPN out there for those who want to get access to different VPN servers worldwide.

Some of the Netflix countries you can unblock with PrivateVPN
Some of the Netflix countries you can unblock with PrivateVPN

It has never been easier than this to unblock Netflix and to stream content available in different regions. Did you know that lots of people have come to the IP Address Guide recently to find out how they can stream The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix? Do you know the answer? You can use PrivateVPN and access their Netflix friendly server in Poland and you will get access to all the most recent episodes.

If you want to give PrivateVPN a try yourself and use their very easy-to-use application, click the button beneath and sign up for their services! It is easy, it is cheap, and it works perfectly!

Have you tested the new PrivateVPN application yourself? How did you like it? We would love to hear your thoughts about the application and about PrivateVPN in general (if you have something you want to share)!

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