PureVPN with 2 year package in their constant offer

While most VPN providers offer subscriptions for one month, three months, six months and a year, PureVPN has now added a 2-year package to their constant offer!

There is little doubt about the fact, that most people who buy a VPN subscription need it for a longer period of time. Maybe you are living abroad and you want to use your VPN connection to stream “home content” while abroad. Or maybe you simply want to secure your Internet connection, and that is your reason for investing in a VPN subscription.

VPN two-year package

It is a general fact, that the longer you sign up for a VPN subscription, the cheaper your subscription will become per month. A normal monthly fee for a VPN subscription is around 10-13 Dollar, while the typical annual fees are around 60-80 USD. Based on this you will soon discover how the one year package gives much more value if you plan on using your VPN connection for more than 6-7 months.

With the new two-year package from PureVPN you will get a subscription valid for two years costing you around 80 USD. That is super cheap, and if you really do like their services and use them, then you should for sure sign up for this two-year package and enjoy the offer.

We cannot guarantee that the current price will remain forever, the only thing we can know, is that the two-year package from PureVPN is here to stay.

What is there to know about PureVPN?

If you read different VPN reviews on the Internet, you will see that PureVPN is heavily debated. If you want to know more about the provider, then we suggest that you read our PureVPN review.


If you simply want to visit the PureVPN website right away, then click the button above and check out their prices and packages for yourself.

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