PureVPN – now with servers in 42 nations

It is quite incredible, but a bit more than one year ago PureVPN only had servers in 18 nations. Well, with time things change, and PureVPN has changed – for the good!

At the time I am writing this article PureVPN has servers available in 42 nations, as a result of their recent expansion into nine new countries. In fact, they got new servers in nine new nations a few months ago, and now they just expanded into nine more, so you can probably understand that the guys and girls over at PureVPN are really in the expansion mood nowadays.

With their latest update which was published and shared yesterday PureVPN now offer IPs in the following new nations.


Polish IP address with PureVPN

If you are looking for a way to get a Polish IP address, or simply for a VPN service in Poland, PureVPN is a very good option!

Czech IP with PureVPN

With its latest update, PureVPN now has a server in the Czech Republic as well, making it possible to get a Czech IP address and watch TV channels like Ceska Televizie from abroad.

Mexican IP with PureVPN

Dreaming of a nice sombrero, or at least an IP address in the land of tacos and other cool food? PureVPN now has servers and IP addresses available in Mexico.

Argentinean IP address with PureVPN

For those who would like to virtually reside in the home country of Lionel Messi PureVPN is a great provider which now has more than 250 IP addresses available in Argentina.

Belgian IP with PureVPN

If you want to watch the Belgian channel RTL.be from abroad, or maybe just in need of a VPN provider in Belgium… PureVPN has 255 IP addresses waiting for you in Belgium since May 14th, 2014.

Norwegian IP with PureVPN

Maybe PureVPN wanted to join in on the national day celebration of Norway which is on May 17th by adding their first server in Norway! A great way to watch channels like NRK and TV2 from abroad is using a Norwegian VPN, and now PureVPN can be used for this purpose.

Danish IP with PureVPN

For a long time PureVPN only had servers in Sweden, but with this new update, they are breaking new ground in Scandinavia. With the May 14th update they now have servers in Denmark and Norway as well, so you can watch Danish TV4 and DR from outside Denmark using PureVPN now.

Vietnamese IP with PureVPN

In a nation with lots of restrictions, blocks and limitations, a VPN provider can help be a way out of such restrictions. In addition, they can encrypt your Internet connection as you connect to the PureVPN server in Vietnam, available since May 14th, 2014.

IP in the Philippines

Now you can reside in the Philippines virtually using PureVPN.

As you can understand this is a major update, and in addition to getting an IP address in one of these nine nations, PureVPN also has available IP addresses in 33 other nations, so a super product, with maybe the best prices available on the market! For more information read my PureVPN review, or visit the PureVPN website.


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