PureVPN review as of 2013

This is our outdated PureVPN review as of early 2013. Since there has been so many changes, we have written a brand new PureVPN review now which can be found here.

As you visit the PureVPN homepage you will find it easy to understand and grasp. Select a package that is suiting you well and make your subscription. It sounds very easy, and it normally is very easy. From the time you make a subscription you will have to wait up to one hour before your account is ready, but once it is ready, you can expect booming speeds and good service.

Once you have been able to arrange with the payment and your subscription is in order you can simply download the client and connect to one of the PureVPN servers around the globe. It is worth knowing that PureVPN has applications not only for Windows computers, but they also have applications waiting for Android users and those with Apple products, meaning that PureVPN is available for everyone.

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”PureVPN 2014 news”]PureVPN has taken a great step. Once you sign up you can use your username and password to connect with five devices, simultaneously. That is a step no other VPN provider has taken so far, which means that one subscription is enough for the entire family to use at the same time.[/stextbox]

PureVPN client screenshot
This is what the PureVPN client looks like

Where can I find PureVPN servers?

PureVPN currently has servers in 53 nations, and some of those nations are: USA, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Egypt, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Romania, Switzerland, Ireland,Singapore, Australia, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Thailand, Japan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Brazil.

PureVPN speeds

We have tested quite a lot of PureVPN servers and in general we are very satisfied with the speeds. We received more than 20Mbps download speed for most of their servers, which makes it maybe the quickest VPN service out there. For more detailed information about speed of VPN servers in a specific nation, search for the nation to the right and read a review giving information about the best VPN solutions for that given nation (hopefully we have written one).

PureVPN prices

PureVPN has a three day money back guarantee, meaning that if you ask for a refund within three days (and have used less than 500mb of bandwidth), you will get your money back. They have some of the best prices on the market, especially if you go for their 12 month subscription, which has a really good price!

PureVPN review conclusion

PureVPN is a great service which provides great speeds (mostly) in the nations in which they have a VPN server. For a long time we considered them a small VPN provider, but due to an giant increase in amount of servers in the last month (start of 2014) they are now to be counted among the biggest VPN providers on the market.

Earlier PureVPN had different packages available in which the standard packages limit your bandwidth usage to 30GB per month. Recently they changed this policy, and now all packages available have unlimited bandwidth usage (thank you!) Combined with up to five active connections with one subscription and some of the best prices on the market, PureVPN is one of the best options there is out there!PureVPN

Want to check out PureVPN yourself? Click the link and get your VPN connection up and running in seconds.

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