Ready for the World Cup 2019 knockout stage

The group stage is finished for the FIFA World Cup 2019, and eight nations will have no more matches to play during the tournament. But, there are still 18 teams left to compete for the trophy. Here we will take a closer look at the World Cup 2019 knockout stage so that you can know when to watch and what to expect!

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The FIFA World Cup 2019 knockout stage

Here you can see an image portraying the different matches and when they will be played during the FIFA World Cup knockout stage. The source of the image is Wikipedia.

Showing the different matches in the FIFA WOrld Cup knockout stage.
The FIFA World Cup 2019 knockout stage.

As you can see, the first match will be played between Australia and Norway on June 22nd. This isn’t just any kind of match, it is one of the most interesting of all the matches in the first round of the knockout stage. The Australian star Kerr scored four goals in her last match, but she will have a much harder time against the Norwegian team who has only lost against France so far in the tournament. This is an open match and can easily be won by both teams. According to the FIFA ranking, Australia is the sixth best team in the world while Norway is the 12th best team in the world

One day later, the hosts of the tournament France will play against Brazil. This is yet another open match in which both teams might win, even though France should consider themselves favorites. France is number 4 on the FIFA ranking, while Brazil is nation number 10.

Also on June 23rd, England will play against Cameroon. This is maybe the match that is considered to be the easiest win during the round of 16 during the knockout stage, and you will win a lot of money if you bet for a Cameroon win and you actually succeed.

On June 24th, Spain will play against the United States. This might be a tough match, but it should end up with a comfortable win for the United States, a nation that has impressed a lot so far in the tournament.

China will play against Italy on June 25th. This might be the closest race match during the knockout stage, especially considering that they are considered to be the 14th and the 15th best team in the world according to the FIFA ranking. I don’t have any favorites or suggestions for this match, but I do believe it will be a highlight of a match worth watching.

One of the big outsiders who have proved themselves strong, especially during their last group stage match against Canada, is the Netherlands. Now they will play against Japan, a nation that is ranked 7 on the FIFA list (while the Netherlands is ranked 8). This might, in other words, become a really close race, but I would still place my money on a Dutch victory, simply because they impressed so much during the group stage, and especially against Canada.

Germany will play against Nigeria on June 22nd (the same day as Australia vs Norway match). This should be yet another easy win, just like the match between England and Cameroon.

In Paris, on June 24th it is time for one more awesome knockout stage match in the round of 16. This time Sweden will play against Canada and this is a match in which anything can happen. Sweden might have a poorer FIFA rank compared to Canada, but we do know that they played well against the United States and that they can easily end up beating the Canadian ladies. This is a match you will want to watch online for sure!

  • Do not forget about the Africa Cup starting today, and the ongoing Copa America as well if you want to watch even more football online…

Are you ready for the FIFA World Cup knockout stage?

As of now, I guess we will see semi-finales between England and the United States, and between Germany and the Netherlands. But, it will be very tough matches ahead, especially for the United States who most likely will play a quarter final against France before they will qualify for the semi-final. Anything can happen! Are you ready for some fun? Stream all the FIFA World Cup matches online and follow the instructions in our streaming guide to find out how it can be done!

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