Finally Killing Eve season 2 got to BBC iPlayer!

Not long ago, I wrote my article on how to stream Killing Eve season 2 online. Back then, you couldn’t stream Killing Eve season 2 on BBC iPlayer in the UK, but you could only stream it on ABC iview in Australia and on BBC America. But, finally the time for BBC in the UK has arrived, and you can now stream the full second season of Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer in England.

There are so many amazing shows available on BBC iPlayer in the UK, and I have lots of people coming to the IP Address Guide in order to find out how they can watch Ghosts, Fleabag, Line of Duty, Luther, and other popular BBC shows online. That is why I was so amazed to discover that the BBC series Killing Eve couldn’t be found on BBC iPlayer in England. I guess the fact that it was a BBC America production in the first place made it arrive later to England, but still, I was kind of astonished at the absence of Killing Eve season 2 from BBC iPlayer.

What is Killing Eve about?

I have got to say that Killing Eve is a strange TV series. It isn’t the typical secret agent show, but instead, it tells the story of an agent out there to capture a brutal assassin, but the strange thing is that they are both attracted to one another at the same time. That is what makes it so strange and brilliant at the same time.

You can now stream Killing Eve season 1 and 2 on BBC in the UK.
Killing Eve season 2 is finally on BBC in the UK

Not only can you stream Killing Eve season 2 on BBC iPlayer, but you can also stream the first season if you haven’t had the chance to watch that yet.

The eight episodes of Killing Eve season 2 on BBC iPlayer.
The eight episodes of Killing Eve season 2 on BBC iPlayer.

Just like the first season of Killing Eve, the second season also consist of eight episodes. The titles of the different episodes are:

  • Do you know how to dispose of a body
  • Nice and Neat
  • The Hungry Caterpillar
  • Desperate times
  • Smell Ya Later
  • I Hope you Like Missionary
  • Wide Awake
  • You’re Mine

Those are the eight episodes of the second season of Killing Eve. But, if you try to stream any of those episodes outside the UK, what will happen then?

BBC iPlayer only works in the UK, error as you try to stream Killing Eve online
Can you see the error message on the top of the picture?

How to stream Killing Eve season 2 on BBC iPlayer outside the UK?

If you want to stream the first and the second season of Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer outside the UK, you will need to use the VPN services of either PureVPN or ExpressVPN. These are the two VPN providers that will help you access BBC iPlayer. All the rest of the VPN providers will mostly give you the same error message, even though you try to visit BBC iPlayer with a VPN provided UK IP address. So, sign up for one of the mentioned VPN providers and use their services, and you will be able to watch BBC iPlayer and Killing Eve online in a few minutes from now.

PureVPNwith 31-day full refund

PureVPN is a bit cheaper than ExpressVPN, and they have a 31-day full refund policy. It is easy to open their app and select BBC iPlayer from the list of popular websites that work with PureVPN. You will then be connected to a server in the UK working with BBC iPlayer and you can start streaming Killing Eve online right away.

ExpressVPN49% discount – 3 free months

ExpressVPN is more expensive than PureVPN, but they have faster VPN services (in general), and they also work with 6-7 different Netflix regions and it is probably the best VPN provider if you want to unblock a whole lot of different websites. They have a 30-day full refund policy and if you sign up clicking the button above, you will get three months for free if you purchase their 12-months package.

Want to watch Killing Eve on your Android device?

If you want to watch Killing Eve on your Android device you might discover that you cannot find the application in Google Play Store. What can be done about this? Follow our instructions to discover how you can download and watch BBC iPlayer on your Android device, even though you cannot find the app in the Google Play Store.

If you want even more information about how you can watch BBC abroad, check our general guide on how to stream BBC abroad right here.

I guess you should be ready to watch Killing Eve season 2 on BBC iPlayer by now. If you still need some help or have a question use the comment field and I will do my best to help you out!

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