StarSports presents to you a very early Christmas gift

Premier LeagueToday it is the day football fans all across the world has been waiting for. The Premier League is about to start and the first match is to be played between Manchester United and Tottenham.

It has been said for a long time that it is impossible to watch the Premier League online for free, but somehow StarSports just changed it, and they have given us the most fantastic Christmas present already in August. Because, from this season on (who knows for how long) they are letting all people watch the Premier League on their websites for free, meaning that you do not need any single StarSports subscription nor anything (just need to create a user). So, if you want to watch the Premier League online, this is how to do it! There is of course one thing you will need for this to work and that is an Indian IP address, but in the world of VPNs that is not hard to fix, and if you use a SmartDNS solution it is even easier. That is why we celebrate together with football fans all across the world today, because the Premier League is about to start and you can watch it for free online at StarSports in India.

For more information on how this actually works, we recommend that you read one of the following articles.

Wow, the opening match is only 4 hours away and we have a feeling it will end up with a 2-0 win for Manchester United. What do you guys think?

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