How to stream the Confederations Cup 2017 online?

The pre-FIFA World Cup 2017, better known as the Confederations Cup, is arranged in Russia between June 17th and July 2nd. Would you like to stream the matches online?

Since Russia will host the FIFA World Cup in 2018, it is a common tradition that the same country arrange a pre World Cup, kind of warm up tournament, the summer before the actual tournament. This is a part of checking that the preparations are on time and that they get a small feeling about what the bigger tournament will be like one year from then.

The matches during the Confederations Cup 2017 will be played in four different cities, in St Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan and in Moscow.

confederations cup 2017 online

The former three Confederation Cups has been won by Brazil, but this year they did not manage to qualify for the same event. This year you will however be able to see the following nations play in the Confederations Cup:

– Russia
– Portugal
– Germany
– Australia
– Chile
– New Zealand
– Mexico
– Cameroon

There will be two groups in the tournament, and in group A you can find Russia, Portugal, Mexico and New Zealand, while the second group consist of Cameroon, Australia, Chile and Germany.

The biggest arena, the Krestovsky Stadium in St Petersburg has a capacity of almost 70,000 people and will host the final on July 2nd.

Stream the Confederations Cup online

If you want to stream the matches in the Confederations Cup online, we have two methods to recommend. These methods can probably be used also during the actual FIFA World Cup in 2018, but we will return with more information on that in one year from now.

Stream the Confederations Cup for free

If you want to stream the entire event for free, then that can be done for example on the Hungarian TV channel M4. They have a free TV stream available, and the only requirement is that you have a Hungarian IP address. As we are writing this article we are watching the match between Portugal and Mexico using this method, and it works great. To get a Hungarian IP address we are using the VPN services of ExpressVPN.

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Visit the Mediaklikk website, press the ELO text in the upper right corner and choose M4. You can then stream the event (it is important to be connected to a Hungarian ExpressVPN server before you follow these steps).

Watch Germany vs Australia online, just like we streamed Mexico vs Portugal on the image above
Streaming the Confederations cup on M4 in Hungary.

You can also stream the event on ZDF/ARD in Germany, and you then need to use ExpressVPN to get a German IP address.

Another option for those interested is streaming the Confederations Cup on ITV in England. Their streams are also available for free, but you need a UK IP address. If you have an ExpressVPN subscription you can easily use this also to stream ITV from abroad.

Stream the Confederations Cup on Pay TV

If you want a really convenient way to stream the Confederations Cup online, head over to Fubo TV and sign up for their services. They even have super discounts available now, meaning that you get access to Fox Soccer channels and lots of other channels for a 40% lower price than normally. Fubo TV is only available in the United States, but you can read more about how to access Fubo TV abroad in this article.

Here are some of the matches you can stream on Fubo TV in the coming days:

  • Wed, Jun. 21  – Russia vs. Portugal
  • Wed, Jun. 21  – Mexico vs. New Zealand
  • Thu, Jun. 22  – Cameroon vs. Australia
  • Thu, Jun. 22  – Germany vs. Chile
  • Sat, Jun. 24  – Mexico vs. Russia
  • Sat, Jun. 24  – New Zealand vs. Portugal
  • Sun, Jun. 25  – Germany vs. Cameroon
  • Sun, Jun. 25  – Chile vs. Australia

Are you ready to stream the Confederations Cup online?

If you have followed these instructions you should be ready to stream the Confederations Cup online right away. Should you have any comments or questions, simply use the comment field beneath.

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    Thanks for these instructions. I am now able to stream the matches online in the Confederations cup for “free” (though I had to spend 13 Dollar buying ExpressVPN, but still worth it)!

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