StrongVPN increases amount of servers in the USA

StrongVPN truly is a strong VPN provider. They are normally very good at speeds, meaning that you will in most cases get very good download speeds as you use their servers. This is good, but compared to most other VPN providers they have made it qutie complicated to change between the different servers, so instead of just clicking your mouse once or twice to make a change in the VPN client for Windows, StrongVPN makes you enter their website, login to your account, and there you can manually change to a new server.

The server will then be shown in the application you use, and you will then be able to connect to that server (and no other server). In addition you only have a limited amount of such changes a month, so that is complicated. But, in general, if you only plan on using one server or a couple of servers within a month, then StrongVPN will work good, because once you connect to a server, they almost guarantee that you will get good download speeds, meaning that you will not have to change all the time between different servers to finally end up using one with good speeds.

New servers from StrongVPN

New servers in the USA

On October 29th StrongVPN reported that they just added a new server in San Francisco, and then two day ago (November 20th) they reported that they just added three more servers in San Francisco and one in Chicago.

If you are looking for an IP address int he USA StrongVPN is for sure one of the best providers available, but if you are in Europe the virtual server solution from HideMyAss might serve you even better speeds than StrongVPN.

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