PureVPN just added seven new servers!

PureVPN just had some sort of competition on Facebook and Google+ where they invited people to guess in what nations they were to add new servers. They called it 7 Nations in 7 Days, meaning that they were to add VPN servers in seven new nations.

The competition is now finished, but luckily the best fruits are still there to be enjoyed, because PureVPN now has servers available in seven new nations, meaning that they just did quite a big expansion. Based on this we also wrote an article earlier this week about how to get an IP address in Ukraine, where we recommend PureVPN as the best solution and VPN provider at the moment. Wonder which the new nations are? Here you go!

PuREVPN in Bulgaria

Seven new PureVPN servers in seven nations

  • Italy
  • Bulgaria
  • Egypt
  • Hungary
  • Ukraine
  • Hong Kong
  • Latvia

In other words, if you need an IP address in one of these nations, PureVPN has brand new servers waiting for you with good speeds and lots of free IP addresses. Want to try their VPN service for yourself? Visit their website, or go ahead and read our PureVPN review before you continue.

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