Surfshark VPN Speed Test 2019

We constantly write about different VPN providers, and we frequently do speed tests to check the quality and speed of the different VPN providers. Here are the results of our brand new Surfshark VPN speed test made in February 2019.

If you have a bookmark at the IP Address Guide website and read our articles frequently, you might remember that we did a similar speed test of Surfshark VPN a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, the results weren’t the best, and thus we promised ourselves to do a new test some months later to see if things would get better by then. So, the Surfshark VPN speed test is the first speed test we have done so far in 2019, and luckily, things seem to be better than they were during our test in 2018.

Surfshark Speed Test 2019 results (February 2019)

If you want to take a look at the actual speed test and how we got the results, take a look at the following YouTube video,

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Surfshark VPN speed test 2019 results

The initial download speed before using SurfShark was: 500 Mbps.

Surfshark ServerDownload Speed
Hungary 65 Mbps
Russia62 Mbps
Canada56 Mbps
Italy (Rome)140 Mbps
UK (London)94 Mbps
USA (Dallas)74 Mbps

Now, these are the results of the test you can also watch in the video above. Can we make some kind of conclusion based on those tests?

We can for sure say that things have improved a lot since our last tests. It might be that we only had bad luck with our original tests, and that this is the norm when it comes to download speeds for SurfShark VPN. We don’t know yet, but we will for sure return with even more tests and videos in the future about SurfShark VPN.

Want to know more about Surfshark VPN? You can read more in our SurfShark VPN review, but here are some of the main features.

  • They have more than 800 servers in more than 80 nations.
  • They have applications available for the most important platforms.
  • Surfshark has a so-called Clean Web feature which keeps ads, malware and trackers far away from you.
  • You can use it on an unlimited amount of devices at the same time.
  • They also support the Kill Switch function, and they have a strict no logging policy.
  • Some of the best VPN prices on the market.

By now, you probably know more about Surfshark VPN than you did a few minutes ago. If you want to visit their website, click the button above.

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