Kassandra DAO to launch on Avalanche, but first, IDO on PenguinFinance!

There are just so many new projects launching regularly that it is hard to keep pace. There are also a lot of forks and bad projects launching, meaning that actually finding a gem can be very hard. But, with the release of Kassandra DAO, we believe that the Avalanche blockchain is about to get inhabited Read More

I have been a part of a PenguinFinance IDO for the first time (BOOFI – BooFinance) – Was it worth it?

I have written about PenguinFinance before in the IP Address Guide, for example in my article on how to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. But, I have just had the chance to take part in my first IDO on PenguinFinance in which 20% of the total supply of BOOFI tokens was sold to those who Read More