Can I use a VPN in Russia in 2022? Will it give access to Facebook, Twitter, and other banned services?

2022 hasn’t become the year we hoped it would be, at least not if we take the situation in Ukraine and the Russia invasion into consideration. A monster from the past has returned, and the fear of war has suddenly turned into a reality amongst children all across Europe. It is even sadder to know Read More

Will Russia/Ukraine have the same effect on crypto as COVID-19 had in February/March 2020?

Many people who look on charts, regret not buying crypto in March 2020? Why is that? Prices were just going down and the market was incredibly bearish, mostly due to COVID and its impact on the world economy and everything that happened. Will we see something similar when it comes to the “who-knows-what-will-happen” with Ukraine Read More

Where can I watch the Winter Universiade 2019 online?

Are you looking for a way to watch the Winter Universiade 2019 online? This is the place where students between 18 and 25 years old from all the world compete in ten different competitions to find the best athletes of them all. Winter Universiade 2019 is arranged in Russia and the competitions will take place Read More