What is Avalaunch? How does it work? Can I earn money with Avalaunch?

Have you heard about the platform named Avalaunch, running on the Avalanche blockchain, and with the website address that is https://avalaunch.app? Would you like to buy some XAVA tokens? What is the platform all about? How can you join the different projects launching on Avalaunch? In this article, we will give you an introduction to the platform and let you know our thoughts about investing in the platform.


What is Avalaunch all about? It is quite easy.

What is Avalaunch?

When you create a new blockchain project, one of the biggest challenges is to reach a wide audience. Not only is it hard to reach a wide audience, but it is also important for your token to be in the wallets of as many users as possible. That is hard unless you have a community or a tool that will help you reach that wider audience. And yes, that is one of the main goals of Avalaunch.

On Avalaunch, new protocols can launch their tokens and their protocols, and through this, reach a wider audience. It is a platform where they can arrange with their public token sale in which early investors can get their hands on the tokens at a discounted price, while it will bring much-needed money to the projects that will help them do further developments with their protocols.

In the language of 2017, this is an ICO platform (Initial Coin Offering), meaning that this is a platform on which you can get your hands on tokens from new projects before it reaches the masses. This is a win-win situation both for the project and for the early investors. This is quite similar to partaking in similar token sale events on Kucoin and Binance.

How can I be a part of token-sales on Avalaunch?

If you want to be a part of a token-sale on Avalanch, you will have to own and stake XAVA tokens on the platform. In addition, you will also have to go through the KYC process on the platform. When you have fulfilled these steps, you are ready to take part in future token sales on Avalaunch.

When you stake XAVA tokens on Avalaunch you will be rewarded with even more XAVA tokens as a staking reward. Besides this, you will also receive an allocation for the different launchpad projects on Avalanche based on the number of tokens your stake. The more XAVA tokens you own, the more tokens you will be allowed to purchase during the different token sales.

There is, however, a maximum number of tokens you can buy per user, meaning that there is a roof as well (hindering whales from laying their hands on all the tokens).

Whenever a token sale is announced you can register for the event, and when the time is in (normally you have 10-20 hours to do so) you have to buy the tokens you are entitled to. Depending on the project, it might take a few days or a week before you receive your tokens. Sometimes you will receive all the tokens at the same time, while you will receive them in small portions (distributed in portions over time) with other projects.

What are the results of earlier token sales on Avalaunch?

At the time of writing this article, there have been 13 token sales on Avalaunch. They have raised almost $10,000,000 in total and almost 100,000 different wallets have participated in one or more of the token sales. The Islander token sale in January 2022 was the first ever to have more than 30,000 participants taking part in the sale.

avalaunch stats

These are interesting stats, but most people are more interested in the financial part of the statistics. Can you earn a lot of money taking part in one of these token sales?

If you take a look at the picture below, you will quickly see that there are big profits ahead if you decide to take part in one or more of the upcoming token sales on Avalaunch.

avalaunch profits

Above you can for example see a report from the token sale of Platypus Finance, a protocol that we are big fans of on Avalanche. During the Avalaunch token sale, the price of one token was $0.1. After the token hit the market, it actually traded as high as $14 per token. Since then, the price has dropped and it is currently trading around $2.5. But, if you take this into consideration, you would still be in a 25x profit if you bought PTP tokens during the token sale on Avalaunch and sold them right now.

Some of the other tokens have reached similar heights as Platypus, while the “poorly” performing tokens only gave the investors a 3x profit immediately.

What do these numbers tell us?

There are quick profits ahead if you just join a token sale on Avalaunch in order to sell your tokens at once. But, it might also give you a golden opportunity at buying tokens for projects that you believe in and turn into a long-term holder.

It is important to understand that you do not get an unlimited number of tokens, but only a tiny portion (normally tokens worth between $1 and $100) during the sales, but if you get tokens worth $100 and they immediately reach a 50x profit, then you could still turn $100 to $5000 in a very short time!

It is important to take the price of XAVA into consideration as well. If you make big gains during the token sales, but the value of the XAVA tokens drops at the same time, you might turn out in a minus no matter what. The price of XAVA reached $20 early in January 2022, but has since then dropped to $6. Will it go further down? Or maybe it will bounce back? We don’t know, but the price of XAVA is worth taking into consideration as well.

It is also good to know that Avalaunch has a “penalty” fee placed upon those unstaking their XAVA immediately after a token sale. That is in order to make the price more stable and not cause people to immediately sell when a project is over (and the price will dump) and then they buy again once a new project has been announced (and then pump the price again).

Some final thoughts about Avalaunch

We believe this is a great platform for discovering gems and getting early access to new and promising projects. Avalaunch is also doing quite some research on the projects before they are launched, meaning that you have an extra layer of protection and security before you spend your money buying tokens for a brand new project that you do not know too much about. Of course, you should still do your own research, but the fact that Avalaunch has decided to include a project on their platform should give you at least a hint about the seriousness of the partner.

It should also be mentioned that since you are only allowed to invest with a smaller amount of money (normally 1 AVAX is the max), meaning that there is a very low-risk level involved with the investments.

Those were some of our thoughts about the Avalaunch platform on Avalanch. Do you have any personal experience that you would like to share, a question, or maybe some thoughts? Use the comment field below and let us hear from you!

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