The battle of the OHM forks – the standings after two weeks

Time is flying and Christmas is approaching. But, even though people are spending a lot of money on Christmas presents, some are also investing in cryptocurrencies, and while you are busy eating turkey and drinking wine, your rebase rewards are gathering up. But, how much are the popular OHM forks worth at the moment? If you invested as we did a few weeks ago, you are most likely in a big minus. In fact, after one week, EVERY SINGLE crypto that we included in our experiment went in minus, and the best performing loser was JADE which went from $1000 in original value to approximately $900 (and then we have included the very nice rebase rewards handed out). But, what has happened during the second week of the experiment?

One thing can be said for sure… If JADE was the “winner” last week, together with PapaDAO and also Snowbank, then PapaDAO and JADE are just the ultimate losers this week. Both tokens have just dumped a lot, but luckily, they haven’t rugged. In other words, both projects are still alive and active with developers working with the protocols. But, JADE has suffered greatly for several reasons. Some people just find it all to be shady with the combination of the SMRTr coin and more, while PapaDAO had a Discord moderator suddenly go crazy. As a result, people thought the developers rugged, and people just sold and sold. And the result for both JADE and PapaDAO can clearly be seen in the price of those tokens.

the battle of the olympusdao forks

The investment status as of December 22nd in 2021

December 8thDecember 15thDecember 22nd
Euphoria ($WAGMI)1.41 ($1000)1.69 ($670)1.99 ($510)
FortressDAO ($FORT)27 ($1000)31.45 ($450)35.14 ($384)
Gyro ($GYRO)2.60 ($1000)2.88 ($696)3.18 ($459)
HectorDAO ($HEC)8.2 ($1000)9.61 ($725)11.10 ($631)
JADE ($JADE)2.6 ($1000)3.36 ($908)3.98 ($255)
KlimaDAO ($KLIMA)1.73 ($1000)1.95 ($769)2.15 ($626)
PapaDAO ($PAPA)51.2 ($1000)72.75 ($880)99 ($321)
Snowbank ($SB)1.74 ($1000)2.04 ($884)2.35 ($936)
Spartacus ($SPA)9.8 ($1000)11.43 ($627)13 ($459)
TaiChi ($TAC)26.5 ($1000)30.60 ($714)35.36 ($374)
Wonderland ($TIME)0.2 ($1000)0.22 ($687)0.25 ($1004)
  • Value of the original investment: $11,000
  • Value of the investment (with interest) on December 22nd: $5959

One could call this an experiment in how to lose 50% of your investment in two weeks, and the title would be fitting at the moment. But, it still feels good to see Wonderland back on track, and it is currently the only project on the list that is actually in profit with $4 at the moment compared to the amount we originally invested.

In other words, Wonderland has had a great week, and it can clearly be called the winner of the DAOs in the last seven days (the only one that has performed similarly good is the one and only OlympusDAO, the original)!

Besides Wonderland, Snowbank seems to do something right at the moment. They might have been lucky with the SnowdogDAO failure, because somehow most people who wanted to dump their SB tokens did so after the fud following that event, and thus, people aren’t as active selling their SB tokens as they are busy selling the rest of the DAO tokens.

At the current third and fourth place, we find KlimaDAO and HectorDAO, two projects that I trust long-term, so I am curious to see how they will perform throughout Christmas.

But, on the other side, we can see that JADE just crashed in value, and even though we currently own 50% more tokens than at the time of investment, the value has dropped from $1000 to $255. That is just a gigantic loss. But, if it has reached the bottom, it might have potential from here. We have nearly doubled the number of PapaDAO tokens in 14 days, but that doesn’t help us much, because the initial investment has still lost 2/3 of its value (even with that crazy interest).

How will Christmas influence our experiment?

I would love to know the answer to that question right now. Will all investors be like influencers throughout Christmas and spread the word about the DAOs, and thus bring lots of new investors to the market? Or will people be scared as other family members tell them that Bitcoin will fall apart next year, that China will ban Bitcoin once and for all, and that all crypto will be worthless very soon? Will this cause havoc and red numbers?

It is hard to predict, but if you pay attention, we will return with a new article giving you an update on our experiment one week from now. See you then!

If you want to know more about the different protocols we are featuring in this experiment, take a look at the main article right here: JADE vs. TIME vs. SPA vs. FORT vs. GYRO vs. SB vs. HEC vs. PAPA vs. KLIMA vs. WAGMI vs. TAC – Which is the best project? Where to invest? Background information and a real-time experiment!

Do you have any thoughts or comments that you would like to share based on what you have just read? We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Encrypted Otter (@encryptedotter) says:

    following this article series, thanks for sharing. It is nice to see two giant DAOs are back on track. I think they are exposed to time and confirmed by Lindy effect that strong projects. I expect they will continue grow steadily if not exponentially. What are other DAOs you are keeping under your radar for possible future investments ?

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