The third week of the OlympusDAO fork experiment (now including OlympusDAO as well)

We are celebrating Christmas and we were curious to see how Christmas would influence the market. To be honest, it hasn’t impacted it in any special way. The OlympusDAO forks keep on seeing red days, but there are a few exceptions, and it seems as if the biggest are performing the best. One important change last week was that Snowbank has ended their platform and will make changes and evolve into something we don’t know what will be. As a result, we could withdraw our funds at a value of $993 (meaning that it was only $7 less than the original investment), and we then invested that into the mother of them all, OlympusDAO. In other words, from now on, you will be able to compare the forks with the mother of them all as well.

Last week, Wonderland was the first and only protocol to actually reach the $1000 original investment level, meaning that it wasn’t in minus anymore. This week it has ended with the exact same result, but that is mostly due to a fall in price from $4400 yesterday to $3700 today. Had the price stayed up one more day, then the number would have looked much nicer for Wonderland.

The biggest positive jump the last week happened with HectorDAO and KlimaDAO who both when from approximately $630 in value to $802 and $848. That sounds quite nice, and considering that these are projects I do believe in long-term, that is almost as expected.

The ugliest number is produced by Jade Protocol who seems to have fallen apart completely. It was at $450 a few weeks ago and now it is trading at $25. That is just horrible. But, they have promised some news around New Year’s Eve, so who knows? Maybe it will dump even more afterward? Besides that, FortressDAO has remained stable in value, so has GyroMoney, and PapaDAO. But, they are still trading at 1/4 and 1/3 of the original amount invested, so the numbers themselves are quite depressing. That can also be seen by the fact that the value of the total investment has been nearly halved after three weeks.

The investment status as of December 29th in 2021

December 8thDecember 15thDecember 22ndDecember 29th
Euphoria ($WAGMI)1.41 ($1000)1.69 ($670)1.99 ($510)2.38 ($337)
FortressDAO ($FORT)27 ($1000)31.45 ($450)35.14 ($384)39.62 ($427)
Gyro ($GYRO)2.60 ($1000)2.88 ($696)3.18 ($459)3.57 ($447)
HectorDAO ($HEC)8.2 ($1000)9.61 ($725)11.10 ($631)12.78 ($802)
JADE ($JADE)2.6 ($1000)3.36 ($908)3.98 ($255)4.58 ($105)
KlimaDAO ($KLIMA)1.73 ($1000)1.95 ($769)2.15 ($626)2.40 ($848)
PapaDAO ($PAPA)51.2 ($1000)72.75 ($880)99 ($321)165 ($325)
Snowbank ($SB)1.74 ($1000)2.04 ($884)2.35 ($936)
Spartacus ($SPA)9.8 ($1000)11.43 ($627)13 ($459)14.20 ($316)
TaiChi ($TAC)26.5 ($1000)30.60 ($714)35.36 ($374)42.70 ($230)
Wonderland ($TIME)0.2 ($1000)0.22 ($687)0.25 ($1004)0.28 ($1004)
OlympusDAO ($OHM)2.57 OHM ($993)
  • Value of original investment: $11,000.
  • Current value of the investment: $5834

It has been an interesting week, but how will the New Year influence the market? Will people start to invest new money by the start of 2022, or will the new year make investors careful and rather make them sell, causing red days and maybe red weeks and months? What do you expect?

To follow the full experiment and to learn more about the different projects involved and included in the experiment, take a look at our main article which can be found right here.

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