The Blacklist season 7 is finished – what an end…

The Kazanjian Brothers was the name of the final episode of The Blacklist season 7. It aired on NBC in the middle of May 2020, and I believe many people got a big surprise as they sat down to watch the episode. I didn’t watch it on NBC, but on Netflix, and I for sure was surprised. What really happened in The Kazanjian Brothers? The coronavirus made some changes!

It only took us two minutes before we were interrupted in the season finale of The Blacklist season 7. Suddenly we got to see the characters of Aram, Elizabeth, Harold, and some others speak to us on our screens, from their homes (or somewhere else). That was the moment in which the recording of the episode was interrupted by the coronavirus. As a result, they had to improvise as they really wanted to be able to finish the season. So, the rest of the episode turned into a mixture of scenes recorded earlier, and something that reminded me of The Sims, a very popular game 15 years ago.

The Kazanjian Brothers - The Blacklist season 7

I have read some people who complained about the season finale and said that it would have been better if they never really finished the season. Or, if they would have waited for a couple of months until they once again would have been able to record the entire episode.

Well, I didn’t really mind. In a way, it made the episode way more memorable, and amusing in a way. Now this will be added into my own category of The Blacklist episodes that I will remember for a while, just like Cape May and Cornelius Ruck.

How did you like the season finale of The Blacklist season 7?

I liked it, but I would love to hear your thoughts about it. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you can stream it easily on Netflix. You can find detailed instructions on how to watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix in the following YouTube video.

Now we will have to wait all the way until November 2020 (most likely) before we will know more about how the story will progress. At least, we can hope that it will be released then. But, if the coronavirus will keep on spreading and we will not get any vaccine, then the upcoming season of The Blacklist might be in danger as well. We will find out with time. Until then, enjoy watching The Blacklist season 7 and all the previous seasons on Netflix.

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