The Veronica Mars film is boring!

Not long ago the Veronica Mars film was made available on Netflix in Canada and it sounded cool, so we watched it a few days ago. But, the truth is that it was such a boring film that we almost forgot writing an article about it!

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Veronica Mars

The Veronica Mars film is based on a character we know from the Veronica Mars TV series, but it is still possible to watch the Veronica Mars film from 2014 without any knowledge of the TV series. But, we at least expected this to be an action film, but it was not much action. But, it couldĀ  have been more of a detective film, and it has a small pinch of detective spirit to it, but most of all this was a boring film that we will forget about very quickly!

But, what about Mortdecai? We wrote about that film a few days back and to tell you the truth, after 15 minutes we were so bored that we were not able to finish it. As mentioned in that article Spy is a quite similar film, only with hundred times better critics, so if you are looking for a crazy action comedy, go for Spy instead of Mortdecai. It might be that we will sometime be able to finished Mortdecai, but at the moment there are to many other interesting things to see on Netflix and other streaming services instead, so we will say good bye to that film for a while!

However, if you are a fan of Kristen Bell playing the character of Veronica Mars in the film, then you might want to watch the children film Frozen on Netflix instead, because there you can listen to the voice of Kristen Bell as the main character in the film! Enjoy!


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