Which VPN provider has the best offer on Black Friday in 2015?

Black Friday VPN discountsBlack Friday is coming up tomorrow as we warned you earlier all VPN providers will come up with big discounts and offers for this special day and the days following. But, which VPN provider will come up with the very best discounts?

As we wrote in our earlier article we were afraid that PureVPN could not come up with a great offer, after all they are already running with very low prices. But, they managed to do something magical anyway, so if the question is VPN provider has the best Black Friday offer in 2015 we would probably say PureVPN. Just consider the following:

  • An annual subscription to PureVPN costs $49. But, coming now with Black Friday they will give you one bonus year for free if you sign up for an annual subscription, and you will also get to use the SmartDNS service for free for two years. In other words you will get two years of service for $49.

There are of course other VPN providers as well out there with great prices, and for example HideMyAss will provide discounts meaning that you can get a 12 month subscription for $60 instead of $80.

This is therefore the time not only for you to get yourself a new VPN subscription, but if you already have a running subscription you should for sure renew your subscription in these days and take advantage of the great discounts available.

[stbpro id=”info”]We are a bit worried about PureVPN, because they seem to get a lot of new subscribers every single day, but will they really be able to keep up with the big amounts of new customers? Or will the product suffer due to way to many users and to weak servers? Time will show! [/stbpro]

Happy Black Friday to everyone, and do not forget to use common sense while shopping, and do not forget to do some quick googling to actually check if the product you believe you are buying at a super cheap price actually is as cheap and discounted as you believe.

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