Where to watch the Winter Olympics opening ceremony online?

Opening ceremonyWould you like to watch the opening ceremony from the Winter Olympics online on February 7th? The opening ceremony in Sochi will start somewhere around 16.00 (UK time), so you should be ready in front of your computer screen at least some minutes before that. But, now you are here and you want to watch the Winter Olympics. This is how!

The opening ceremony is always a place where the host tries to show how good, talented and magnificent work they have done preparing the games. That is why it will be really interesting to see what Putin and his friends have done to impress the world. Do not miss it, and of course you should watch all the athletes as they march onto the arena.

Watch the opening ceremony from Sochi live online

If you want to watch the opening ceremony from Sochi, Russia, live online on February 7th in 2014, do the following.

  1. Visit the following BBC website and try to watch the stream. It can be found at this site. The live stream at the BBC website from the opening ceremony will start at local time 15.30, even though the ceremony itself will only start about 45 minutes later.
  2. Visit the ZDF website and try to watch the stream. It can be found at this site. The program will start at 16.10, more than 1 hour before the start of the actual ceremony, but then you have time to get some Olympic atmosphere before the start of the actual opening ceremony.
  3. Visit the NOS website and try to watch the stream. It can be found at this site. The broadcast at NOS will start at 16.45 local Dutch time, which is about 30 minutes before the actual start of the opening ceremony.
  4. If you get error messages using the streams, telling you that it is impossible because of geographical limitations, or you just get some other error message, do the following!
    • Visit HideMyAss and sign up for their VPN service.
    • Download their client and connect to a server in the UK, in Germany or in the Netherlands.
    • Restart your browser and come back to this site.
    • Click the BBC stream link, the ZDF stream link or the NOS stream.
    • You are now watching the opening ceremony online!

It is as easy as this. The links will not be working properly before February 7th, because the exact links to the streams are not yet available, but as we get there and it is time for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in 2014, the links will work and you will then be able to watch the opening ceremony online using the instructions given in this article.

If you want more information about watching the Winter Olympics, read this article.

[stextbox id=”update” caption=”February 6th update”]Today is the day before the big day! We have been testing the streams of several TV channels online and everything seems to be working fine, so we look forward to watching the opening ceremony tomorrow together with millions of people from all across the world. It will be arranged at Fisht Olympic Stadium and it will start at 20:14 local time, which is like 17:14 in Scandinavia and 16:14 British time. The Winter Games in Sochi are the first Olympics Games to be arranged in Russia since Summer Olympics in 1980.[/stextbox]

The BBC live stream from the Opening ceremony will start at 15:30 (local time), so that is a great place to watch the event if you are interested. Use HideMyAss to get yourself a UK IP address and to watch the opening ceremony there.


Winter Olympics opening ceremony in German

If you want to watch the opening ceremony from the Winter Olympics in German or Austria, watch it on ZDF in Germany or at ATV in Austria. Use your HideMyAss subscription (as referred to earlier in the article) to get yourself a German or an Austrian IP address.


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