TV series leaving Fox in 2017

This year we have watched 24: Legacy and still watch the fifth season of Prison Break. There are however some shows that will leave Fox (forever?) this year.

We must say that 24: Legacy was just as expected. Prison Break has however served as a big surprise. In the first place we did not even want to watch the season, but when we first watched the pilot episode we got addicted. Now there are three more episodes coming up before the season is over, and we wait for these new episodes to arrive. Does that mean that a sixth season of Prison Break can be expected? That is not sure, but you can read more about Prison Break and an eventual sixth season in this article.

There has not been said anything sure about the future of Prison Break and 24: Legacy, but there are some shows that we know for sure will leave Fox this year.

leaving fox 2017
Pitch is one of the TV series that will leave Fox in 2017

TV series leaving Fox this year

  • Scream Queens
  • Rosewood
  • Pitch
  • Son of Zorn
  • Making History
  • APB

There were great expectations to the TV series Pitch, but somehow it had a hard time finding the right audience, and thus the TV series was cancelled and no further episodes will be made. It seems as if Fox was sad about the amount of viewers for 24: Legacy as well, and thus we doubt that there will be a new season made, but that has not been confirmed yet.

There are lots of other TV series from other networks that will leave our screens as well. It is important for the networks to clean up in these days, because only a few days from now they will publish the names and trailers of the newcomers that will come to our screens during the autumn of 2017. We are waiting for these new titles and will of course publish new articles about those as soon as the information is published.

If you want to stream Fox content online, read more about how you can watch Fox from abroad right here.

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