Understanding Samantha Wheeler

Suits is getting closer to its end, and there are only three episodes left before this series will come to a final end. In the seventh episode of season 9 which was called The Scenic Route, we get a lot more understanding about the personality and the person Samantha Wheeler.

As many of my readers might know, I stopped watching Suits after the third season, but I got so enthusiastic writing about Suits season 9, that I got back in the game again, starting with the first episode of Suits season 9. And, now I am watching the new episodes every weak, and I had a hard time managing the long wait for the seventh episode considering that we had to wait for 2 weeks for the new episode to come.

There have been some up and downs in the final season, but the scriptwriters have managed to keep my attention still. I have often felt sympathy for Faye Richardson, After all, she has just been in the office trying to get the managing partners to behave nicely and skip all those dirty tricks in a quite dirty business. It might be that something is wrong with Faye as well, but in the seventh episode, we didn’t see her at all, meaning that we have to wait one more week for that party of the story to move on.

You get to learn a lot more about Samantha Wheeler in Suits season 9 episode 7 (The Scenic Route)
You get to learn a lot more about Samantha Wheeler in Suits season 9 episode 7 (The Scenic Route)

The Scenic Route

The Scenic Route was the name of the newest episode of Suits. The title was taken from the trip of Harvey Specter and Samantha Wheeler together, in order to find the dad of Samantha Wheeler. The trip itself, however, wasn’t an easy one. Harvey picked a car that brought forth a lot of memories in Samantha (bad memories), and besides this, Samantha had a big inner fight about actually trying to find a father who abandoned her when she was a child. All this leads to a trip in which Harvey convinces Samantha to follow a sign saying “The Scenic Route.”

We never get to know anything about whether or not it actually was a route with a nice view, but instead, we get to know a lot more about Samantha, her childhood, her love life, and the troubles she faced and that lead her to turn into whoever she is today. I found this to be quite nice, and it is always touching to see how family members find one another, how they forgive one another, and how they choose love over hatred. And, it was no coincidence that Harvey was the one taking Samantha to meet her father. After all, he had his own struggles during childhood…

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Louis Litt is just cool…

I have got to say that Louis Litt is one of the coolest characters in the show. And in The Scenic Route, he just hammers it once again. He is playing his part so well, and he is so easy to love as a viewer of the show. And the chemistry between Louis and Harvey is also special, and we get to know some more about the special reasons for this as well in the episode.

All in all, The Scenic Route was a very nice episode. It took us away from the main storyline, meaning that you can easily skip this episode if you are in a hurry, and still understand everything when the eight-episode will start. But, if you want to get as much insight and understanding of the characters of Samantha Wheeler, Harvey Specter, and Louis Litt, this is a great episode to stream!

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