How to watch ATV and ORF from outside Austria? (2020 version)

Two of the best TV channels in Austria are for sure ATV and ORF. Both channels have tons of great programs and they do broadcast lots of sports events and great TV series. But, what can you do if you try to watch ATV and ORF from abroad?

The reason for you reading this is probably that you have already tried to watch ATV or ORF from abroad, and as you do so, you have probably seen an error message looking something like the following messages.

ATV error message

ATV not working from abroad
This is what you might see if you try to watch ATV from outside Austria

ORF error message

ORF is unavailable from abroad
The error message you get if you try to watch ORF from abroad

Have you seen any of the following messages? Well, it is time to get rid of them, and the solution is to use a VPN provider. A VPN provider is someone that will encrypt your Internet connection (taking care of your online privacy), and if you connect to a VPN server in another nation you will get the IP address in that given nation. So, if you connect to a server offered by a VPN provider in Austria, you will get an Austrian IP address, and you will be able to watch both ORF and ATV from outside Austria.

Watching ORF and ATV with Austrian IP address

To get an Austrian IP address our favorite VPN provider is named ExpressVPN. They have a great client which can be downloaded to Windows, tablets and mobile phones and it is very easy to use and cheap.

Watching ATV from abroad

Watching ATV from outside austria
I am watching ATV on the Internet from outside Austria

Watching ORF from abroad

Rex on ORF from abroad
I am watching REX (the dog) on ORF from abroad

As you can see it works great with a VPN connection for those who want to watch ATV and ORF online from outside Austria. To try it yourself visit the IPVanish website, sign up for their services (they have a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied), download their client and connect to a server in Austria. When you are connected, restart your browser and visit the ATV or the ORF website and get ready to watch your favorite programs online.

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Good luck watching ATV and ORF, and if you have any comments or questions, use the comments field beneath this text.

Watching ORF and ATV abroad – also in 2020

This article has been updated in 2020 to make sure that it still works. ORF is blocking a lot of VPN providers currently, but we can guarantee that the instructions here still work.

If you have trouble streaming ORF and ATV outside Austria, write a comment, and we will do our best to help you out!

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    I want to watch on my LapTop, all 2014 FIFA World-Cup football matches. How can this be done via IPVanish?
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