How to watch RTS from abroad?

Do you want to watch RTS, a Swiss TV channel with French speaking content? This is a part of the SRG SSR company, and RTS is one of several channels offered by the broadcasting corporation. But, how can you watch from outside Switzerland?

If you want to watch Radio télévision suisse, normally abbreviated with RTS, from abroad, you will need to first of all get yourself an IP address in Switzerland. That can easily be fixed using the VPN provider HideMyAss, which can offer you a Swiss IP address which can be used by you in less than ten minutes. A VPN will connect you to a computer in Switzerland (it is very safe and it encrypts all your online activity) and with a Swiss IP address you can not only watch RTS from abroad, but you can also watch SRF and other channels.

RTS error message watching from abroad
Getting such an error message? “nous ne pouvons malheureusement pas acceder a votre requete”

If you see the following error message the problem is your geographical location, and the solution to your problem is to get yourself a local IP address in Switzerland. If you want to check what your current IP address is, visit the following site.

Well, since we are writing this article from outside Switzerland the error message seen on the screenshot above was the first thing that welcomed us as we tried to watch RTS programs from abroad. To check if a VPN connection using HideMyAss really worked we therefore used their service, connected to a server in Switzerland, restarted our web-browser and visited the RTS website again. As we visited the website with a Swiss IP address and started a video we got to see the following (instead of the earlier mentioned error message).

Watching RTS in Switzerland from abroad.
It is working. Watching RTS from abroad using HideMyAss.

As you can see it is working perfectly, and now we can watch lots of RTS programs live from all across the world, watch sports events taking place and watch other great content available at the RTS website. Check it yourself. Visit the HideMyAss website and sign up for their services.


[stextbox id=”update”]If you try HideMyAss and find yourself not satisfied with their product they offer a thirty day money back guarantee. So, there is not risk at all in trying this. If it does not work the way you want it to, ask for the money back, and you will get it![/stextbox]

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